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ELance Reviews

( Average rating: SCAM )
Rating: SCAM Name: bobby

Elance is a joke, not because of the website, but because of the indian and pakistani contractors.

I liken them to used car salesmen, who promise you absolutely anything and everything whilst knowing they have a lemon waiting for you the entire time. Seriously.

I initially read about this site from the book the 4 hr work week. I don't if Elance freelancers used to be real proper workers, but today it is beyond a joke. Seriously you need to ask yourself, is this task absolutely critical to my business income? If so, be as weary of entrusting it to strangers in a 3rd world country, like you would be weary of leaving your stack of cash in a new dehli market place.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Ron

Do not use a Contractor on Elance called Alchemy Technologies. A complete Scam.

I ordered a custom web design and asked for the Genesis Framework.

Was a given a free wordpress theme and they expected me to do the coding myself to change html and css styles.

When the site went live, my assistant who was fooilish enough to believe them, aksed again "Is this on Genesis" "YES" was the reply.

Spread the word, do not go anywhere near this Company


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Rating: SCAM Name: Ryan M

Elance is about as shady a company as I have ever come in contact with. If you post a negative experience or one that is highly biased or unfair they start their propoganda to try to discredit you. I posted on Rip Off Report and they responded by concocting an entire story about me and my company which was over 90% completely made up. They have never worked with my company nor spoken to any of my employees yet they wrote that "I fostered a company culture of blame" and that "my company failed because of mismanagment. "that my "employees survived by scapegoating and backstabbing".

This is all 100% made up. My company is alive and well and as a startup I have only ever worked with one other employee. I have worked with several Elance contractors and had for the most part negative experiences.

But the fact that an Elance employee would outright lie, outright concoct a tale to try to discredit someone who points out their indisgressions, this is intolerable.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Classic Presenation

Elance controls the biting process, If you have posted a bit on a job, it is not shown to the customer. They have a contract with certain freelancer such as "Visual Spider" from India and many others where they informed Elance on what jobs they want for then to make a profit and obtain and sell your technology to China. Elance is a perfect scam for many people who are joining for the first time.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Long Range Transceivers

Been working with Elance I've notice that some devices that I requested job had been dome, it some how ended up in Pakistan, Chine and India.

Appears that either Elance is selling our Technology to make a profit.

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Rating: Name: Justin WebDev

I just wanted to share a bad experience I had with Elance. Last year, I was hired as a web designer for a certain company in the US but after I submitted all the layouts I never heard anything nor an email from that employer again. Maybe he didn’t like my work but when I searched his profile online I heard similar stories I encountered with that same guy. That was actually the reason why I cancelled my account with Elance, and right now I am focusing on a big project working at

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Rating: SCAM Name: Ruby

I'm not a freelance but I currently work for Elance. There are several Elance reviews web site that are own and operated by Elance, do not enter your e-mail address they will terminate your account, this sites offer false claims indicating that they are a greatest.

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Rating: Name: E-Sol Biz

Elance is own by many Pakistani national individuals who have selected and promoted 95 % of the work to Pakistan and currently operates in many parts of the world

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Rating: SCAM Name: Jim

Americans who currently soliciting Elance for work, be aware that you are not supporting America you are only supporting and outsourcing terrorist organization in Pakistan at a cheaper price in spelling American blood in Afghanistan to gain a profit yourself a profit.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Xpergraphics

Nancy is correct Netmen belongs to Elance and the Company is based in Argentina, Elance wins the bit for Netmen at a higher price and tranlate the information to Netmen to do the work in order to make a profit.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Nancy

The NetMen Corp has been consistently ranked as Elance #1 logo and graphic design company since 2005, working in more than 12000 graphic design projects in the past seven years. Specifically with 96% in small businesses and start up companies worldwide in Pakistan and India.

Elance and Netmen are partner, Elance offers Netmen more wining bit to be number #1 to make more profit. There wining bit 2153 jobs 80% more than anyone else, and Elance indicated the it verified 4 credential which is false to keep Netmen as their #1.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Shahinul Islam

Elance a bad work experience, they didn't support providers, they doing their own business, they suspended/terminate providers with great profile without warning.

Always make a Plan B, work on other freelance website, never depends 100% on Elance. Elance stupid website not warn you about any policy violation, and today or tomorrow they will come and suspended your account with reason so called " Policy violation"

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Rating: Not rated Name: Liz

I just started Elance and noticed alot of under $10 hr. jobs, I refuse to even touch. I have spotted some scams and reported them as well. Haven't been blocked yet lol. I guess it's just like when you buy on ebay, buyer and purchaser beware!

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Rating: Name: Design Company

We are animation company and we can't share our online portfolio with buyers on Elance due to their policy. They even suspended our account for sharing our portfolio with the buyers. Question : How the hell a company can showcase their works without showing their updated portfolio ? especially designers and animators!

Their onsite portfolio is very limited and poorly designed, so clients might get lost in the middle and not be able to view the entire portfolio that we wish to show. Also, there is a limit to uploads (esepecially for videos)

Elance is not recommended for freelancers and companies as they can't share their portfolio link through the website.

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Rating: Name: Provider

I've been on Elance for several months, and the problems always start out one of two ways-

1) The project description is so vague that it's impossible to define what actually needs to be done.

2) Taking the cheapest provider without regard for quality.

If you know what you want, and you're prepared to pay for someone to do the job properly, Elance works well. If you're a cheapskate, pay peanuts and get monkeys.

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Rating: Name: Webgrity

Client centric and support is extremely poor. Elance does not pay providerss there escrow system is poor....

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Rating: SCAM Name: Ryan

I was ripped off by a vendor named Gideon S on Elance whose company is Accursoft. DO NOT EVER USE THIS VENDOR. Though he had a decent rating, he turned out to be completely incompetent. He completed no more than 20% of the discussed requirements even after having been given an extra three weeks. After firing him because the project was going no where, he submitted a complaint to Elance which was arbitrated through Net-Arb (Complete Scam). Net-Arb ended up giving him the full payment that I had in Escrow. The arbitrator was completely incompetent. Their "decision" did not even address the fact that only 20% of the work was completed. This was never disputed. They said that because he was willing to continue working indefinitely that he should not have been fired and should be paid for the entire project. Beware of this company. Net-Arb is working in collusion with Elance to always land on the side of the programmer. This way they do not have to refund money already paid. SHAME ON YOU ELANCE!!!

The vendor's response to Ryan:
The job was successfully completed and delivered to the client (Ryan M). However, Ryan then demanded that the vendor perform additional work without payment. The dispute was submitted to net-ARB for binding arbitration at Ryan's own request, who found that the vendor went over and beyond what was required, while Ryan's complaints were entirely without merit.

Please view the arbitrator's decision at, and a transcript of the proceedings at

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Rating: Name: writerISwritingBS

elance is good for writers, as most of the writing works are for new, just started blogs, with sometimes a college level student as your client. so you see, they're happy with mediocre works and low prices.

but, for websites, especially for people who are trying to do a serious business, they're not going to be satisfied with elance in any way. the software/ web designing services are of low quality with most of the providers who have come just out of colleges and claim to have 10-15 years of experience. elance can't do a simple thing as proper verification of providers. this shows the "serious" business going on here.

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Rating: Not rated Name: Bryan

Elance bullies their suppliers

They lure people in with the story of many jobs and big money and free services. However they keep taking away benefits from suppliers and expect suppliers to spend more money on their site and take less for the jobs.

Elance misses the big picture. Instead of building relationships and a positive image, they screw over suppliers and end up with pages of poor reviews like this one and many other websites I'm sure.

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Rating: Name: nomore

The only way a buyer can protect themselves on this site is by withholding a huge (50%-75%) portion of the project fee until the project is fully completed. Those requiring 50% advances should be seen as black holes to dump your money into never to be seen again. Every industry on earth produces and delivers their product to market without requiring advances; even those that require enormous capital outlays. If a developer can't manage their cash properly or their deal flow is so minimal that they can't sustain themselves without relying on money they have not earned, they do not need to run a business. They need to find a job. For those saying the advance payments prevent developers from being ripped off - BS. That's what escrow is for. Elance not only does nothing to foster honesty among their developers, their execution of what is a great idea actually encourages and rewards dishonesty. "Buyer beware" is not sufficient advice to keep you getting ripped off on elance. The best advice is to go elsewhere.

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Rating: Not rated Name: nomore

The only way a buyer can protect themselves on this site is by withholding a huge (50%-75%) portion of the project fee until the project is fully completed. Even then you are rolling the dice on all monies paid. Those requiring 50% advances should be seen as black holes to dump your money into never to be seen again. Every industry on earth produces and delivers their product to market without requiring advances; even those that require enormous capital outlays. If a developer can't manage their cash properly or their deal flow is so minimal that they can't sustain themselves without relying on money they have not earned, they do not need to run a business. They need to find a job. For those saying the advance payments prevent developers from being ripped off - BS. That's what escrow is for. Elance not only does nothing to foster honesty among their developers, their execution of what is a great idea actually encourages and rewards dishonesty. "Buyer beware" is not sufficient advice to keep you getting ripped off on elance. The best advice is to go elsewhere.

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Rating: SCAM Name: buyersXremorse

I would have to say in my experience with elance, the vast majority of those supposed 5 star providers are those who have figured out how to work the system. For example, if you divide your project into milestones and give a 5 star rating for that easy as hell 1st milestone the entire project is then seen by prospective buyers as having 5 stars. A project which was supposed to have taken 3 months has now dragged on into 7 months with no end in sight. This was not the low ball vendor but rather the one who games the sight to look like everyone has been satisfied with his work. Elances response - if you go into dispute we can ask but not force the provider to refund your money. That is useless in so many ways. I have an idea, how about elance actully putting some teeth into the buyer contracts. What good is a useless threat of a refund if the vendor simply sets up shop tomorrow as another vendor. I have used Odesk nurerous times without a single issue and will NEVER use e-scam again.

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Rating: Name: Ted Bendixson

I would say I'm one of the more successful freelancers on Elance. I managed to make $13,000 on the site for two years in a row (with some jobs paying up to $100/hr). The problem is that it's difficult to grow your income on Elance. There are too many lowball bidders and utterly worthless buyers. I'll admit that I had to resort to tactics that were not allowed by Elance policy in order to build up my presence on the site. Now they are punishing me for it and suspending my account.

Bottom line: Elance is business training wheels. You'll realize once you start doing NORMAL marketing things like building your own website and online portfolio. Elance is not too stoked about that. So here I've got this totally awesome website to showcase my work, and I can't even refer to it in my project proposals? How lame is that? They're basically saying "we control the conversation, and we'll ban you if you try to do the same."

I get it. Disintermediation. Blah blah blah. If you ask me, that's just a fancy way of telling everyone they want to suck the life out of your freelancing career. Yes, I understand that if a client comes to me on Elance, I should keep the relationship on that site. The same goes if I get accepted for a project on Elance. I'll happily work on the site as long as is necessary (2 years is waaay too long IMO).

Elance just wants to tap into your revenue stream and drain it like a vampire. They don't deserve nearly the revenue percentage they are getting, and they are far too restrictive to be useful for any serious freelancers out there.

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Rating: Not rated Name: Satish Meripo

We were serving on Elance from past many years. Over these years we have created different entities for different services. We have created different accounts to serve different domains. However, Elance blocked all our accounts which created a mess handling the clients. We were forced to stop working on some projects however, some clients left a negative review in spite of the fact we confirmed that we will pay back the advance they paid us. It is unfortunate that we faced issues using elance and with clients too while our intentions were good. Elance should take care of this issue and allow company with sister concerns to have different accounts. Sasha you would have waited for us to refund based on the communications we made with you.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Sasha is absolute scam , I literary got robbed by some Indian guy and Elance did nothing , I repeat nothing to help me resolve this case . Btw the guy I hired is Satish Babu Meripo and his company (at the moment is )"Deep Channel Solutions Private Limited"(he`s been changing name of his company in the past) .First , this guy made me pay half of the project in advance . Second he made sure deadline for project is more then 45 days because after 45 days you cant get your money back if something goes wrong (Elance support will tell you that you can sue your contractor if you want). My project was never done , and its been more then five months now . I got few crapy samples I guess just to keep me quiet . Bottom line is , be very careful with this guy and !!!!

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Rating: Name: BipBip

We started using elance for last 3 months and it seems to be a place for Darwinian survival. Unless a provider knows the survival game, elance is not recommended for them. Also, unless a buyer knows how to make a contract in elance, they will find it fraud-but in reality, if a buyer is careful, he/she can make good use of the site.

Rules for the buyers :

1. Do not pay any advance. Always post the job asking for milestone1,2...5. Break the job in milestones. Make a small milestone as first and test the skill of provider without paying an advance. Pay him/her after delivery. If a provider is good, they can deliver a small milestone without advance.

2. Do not get swept by rating/reviews. They are cooked up in many cases. Instead talk to vendor, find out what he/she knows in that field and post a small milestone. Trust nothing but first small milestone delivery.

If you can follow 1-2, in elance you can save 50-60% of your budget and get best quality. You need to apply your own rule.

As a provider, it can be frustrating. We have submitted around 415 proposals, 50 among them are invited in last 3 months. We were awarded only 12 and most of them were very challenging, because nobody was willing to take that challenge. We didn't take any advance and therefore it worked very well. Some of the projects worked good-we got 5* rating and full payment. Those which was not working, I told the provider to cancel at no cost. So professionalism was respected. Somehow it worked out for us because we as a company can afford to have project without advance. Else, elance will not work out for the providers.

But we value elance for something else. We can read the trend of the business -organize our product and price positioning and learning always new things from the clients. For us it is more of a business training ground than actual business which is any way very little in elance but still it is a factor of 20 more than any freelance site.

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Rating: Name: Raj Kumar

There should be a rule to block very low wagers from 3rd world countries competing for business as they are not regulated as people are from developed nations and we have higher living expenses. Elance is useless for skilled workers like me living in the western developed nations.

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Rating: Name: Wan

CAREFUL!! They advertise as people translation but I end up getting a Google translation. WORSE they send a messsage to 'auto-realease payment within 2 days' over the weekend... WILL NOT BE USING IT AGAIN esp. Swiss base 'translation' company!!

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Rating: Name: M-Designs

I don't understand the low reviews people give this site.

I am a designer and illustrator and I live in Japan.

Therefore, my bids are slightly higher...but I've been chosen for over 10 jobs in a 6 month period and have turned down invitations because of scheduling and 70 percent of my customers have re-booked me.

So, those who say that...

1. only indian and pakistani people who bid very low get jobs are wrong and

2. Elance is a scam and the workers there are sloppy are also wrong.

I don't bid cheap and my customers have hired me again and again.

This site is as good as you make it.

Pay close attention to feedback before you hire or are hired.

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Rating: Not rated Name: Audra Johnson

I just started with Elance (the free version). I feel I offer top notch work for reasonable pay. However, after reading some of these reviews I'm not sure I want my name associated with them. Do you have any suggestions of what sights, as employers you go through to hire people? Thank you.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Mark Ryan

So i get ripped off by provider JessiHoffman on Elance. I give her a bad review and a 1.0 rating. A week later my review is gone and they have changed the rating to a 5.0. WTF? I hired her as a 5.0...after seeing this happen how can you believe anything Elance says? Is this criminal or fraud? I have screen captures of the whole thing.

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Rating: Name: Chris W.


It sounds like you got busted for a policy issue. Your story does not make sense. You reported an issue and had your account cancelled. Comparing a website to Hitler seems a little childish too.

As for Elance, i had both good and bad experiences on the platform. I learned that as I got more skilled in terms of working (writing better RFPs, conducting extensive interviews, etc.) with remote workers that I have had much better success.

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Rating: Name: MGD

Good post, Neal.

I have used Elance for 3 years and have completed many jobs on the platform. That said, I know what I doing when I hire a provider and do not just the lowest bid.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Screwed

Their system is set up for customers to be ripped off by the designers. My project was late, designed as if a child did it and then they accepted payment without my approval. Elance is a scam. Beware.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Jason

They're running a scam at eLance. And if you speak out about them or try to reveal their scam, they cancel your account and block you. I tried to question their methods, and they closed my account. "We do not tolerate dissention" Creepy! It's like Hitler's new website. Yikes!

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Rating: Not rated Name: NealinBirminghamAL

There is a major issue that's rarely addressed in these posts that I will take the liberty of addressing here. I do not work for Elance, never have, nor am I a currently-working designer/coder. But let me fill you in on something. When you hear a designer say "there are huge gaps in..." or "There are SO many errors on this site" here is what they are really saying: "I need a job. Hire me, instead."

Like anyone competing for business, they will smear their competition. I know this, first hand. Furthermore, there is no guarantee EVER when you hire someone you've never met and don't know personally. So for all of you posting sour reviews, stop trying to take the easy way out when it comes to outsourcing and then turning around and bashing the medium. Elance states clearly in their rules and regulations that they do not endorse ANY provider or buyer on an individual basis.

If you want quality, pay for quality. Do your share of the work in finding quality. If you want cheap, you get what you pay for. But nothing beats crossing all the "t"s and dotting the "i"s when it comes to finding labor.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Canuckistan

I've tried both as a buyer and a provider on this site. As a buyer I had mixed results. Unless your project is /very/ technical and you have the skills to vet providers you will get extremely poor quality work.

As a provider the opposite is true. You're fighting against thousands of poor quality "workers" who have no qualms about simply lieing about their skills. Normally buyers go for the lowball option, and when that fails disappear because their "budget" has run out. You get what you pay for. Pay for quality to begin with and you'll be ahead.

But when I did manage to win out, I managed to work with some decent people. But that was very rare.

All in all I'd recommend people stay very far away from elance. They seem to be trying to milk the revenue out of a constant stream of new buyers and providers. Not a game I want any part in.

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Rating: Name: NewtoElance

Low bids but pay what you have bidden for.

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Rating: Name: NotImpressed

I DISLIKE the way Elance is dragging their feet in a current dispute between me and a writer. They promised to step in but after sending 2 emails, I get NO reply. My help ticket is STILL hanging as of now. Warning, try to stay away from Elance, please. Save yourself the stress and aggravation.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Elance is the Cheesiest!

I'm a freelance web designer/developer in Minneapolis that has never signed up with elance and I keep getting calls from people who hired "me" thru elance. People I've never talked to about web work before.

After further investigation, I come to find out there is some dude or entity posing as me on elance, using my portfolio, directing elance clients to my site, using my name. It's happened twice now and elance doesn't seem to care or have any control over the situation.

I emailed them stating my attorney wants this users full contact information and all transactions between elance and this poser user.

I haven't heard back from elance yet and it's been 2 weeks. I think they may be scared....

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Rating: Name: Randy K

I have used Elance for 5 SEO projects. I have found a good seller and I have been happy with the results.

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Rating: Name: Neal S

As a buyer, I have used Elance for many projects. I think the site and most of the providers are great.

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Rating: Name: TS

I agree with Louie. Elance is better than the other freelance platforms. As a writer, I find more and better jobs on Elance.

For buyers, use escrow and pay attention. You control the release of funds. If you managing your job and inspecting the product prior to releasing funds, you should be fine.

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Rating: Name: Bob

I know a lot of these ratings are older so maybe things are a little different now, I am not sure.

I started a free account on which includes 10 free bids a month and you are able to take all the tests for free now so I guess that issue is resolved.

I am just starting out on my portfolio but I do have some nice work in it and I consider myself competent in web design.

Out of 6 bids I placed in the first week I received 3 responses. I turned down 2 jobs because I had already accepted the other and I would not have time to get them all done.

Immediately after being awarded the contract the buyer contacted me and gave me their phone numbers. I contacted them and we worked out all the details, overall it was very smooth. I am very happy with the result.

The buyer paid me $125 for fairly simple straight forward HTML and CSS work that took all of about an hour or so.

I cannot speak for the other areas of elance but if you are a web designer you can find work and you can make good money.

There are a lot of companies from India and Russia but most of the jobs I have found have gone to US providers.

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Rating: SCAM Name: anon

i created a website and suddently one day it started to have many hits. . .the strange thing was the most viewed pages were not in my website but showing in my google analytics.

After a lot of debugging i found out. . .elance people were scraping my website for another client to steel design and layout.

This will ont only bring your business down but also will lead you to copyright isssues.

After formal complaints they tweeked their design so their site still looks similar to my site but removed my images. . .

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Rating: Name: Louie

I don't understand why some people here rate ELance so low. In fact, it's a far better freelancing site than Odesk or I got high-paying writing jobs that pay me $10 per short article, instead of the usual $3-5 in other freelancing sites.

If you have already spent several weeks bidding on Elance without any success, then there's something wrong with your proposal. Don't blame those lowball bidders because more often than not, employers on Elance care more about quality than cost. If you can prove to your prospective client that you can provide a better service and value than others, then you will be chosen for the job, regardless of your asking price.

I know, because I started bidding on Elance for less than a week and I already won two jobs worth nearly $200 each. I have a Basic membership but I will upgrade to a paid membership because I already used up all my free connects.

The key to winning jobs on Elance is to choose projects that suit your expertise and tell your prospective employer what you can do for him/her.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Tandav

Beware Elance : Don't waste your time on this crap

One of the worst experience I had till date, it was simply overwhelming, seems like I have been degraded and cheated.

I posted my interest in my first job post and after two days they suspended my account saying that I had violated their terms, which both of us (me and my employer do not agree as we were just going through regular elance payments, communications and all.)

We tried to contact their support, which is worst of all never got a response back.

thoroughly discourage using it when there are other options floating around.

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Rating: SCAM Name: hl89088

I don't know much about websites, but I had to constantly email and re-email these guys just to do the basics. They drew out a very basic 5 page web site for 7 months! It cost me 2000.00 and when I had the site checked by an independant coder he said it had huge errors all over it and had to be redone. Definitely don't use these guys, couldn't even master the basics, guys like Hrvoje Livnjak and other scammers were kicked off elance but it took 6 months for them to do it!!

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Rating: Name: Dilruksha

Elance is for profesional and brainy people! In any freelance site there can be good coders and bad coders always question and choose! If your project got messed up that means you are a poor manager!

Not like any other freelance site workers are very free!

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Rating: SCAM Name: Duped

As a provider (art director with 15 years experience designing newsstand magazines), Elance is frustrating at best and most likely a fraud. All jobs are awarded to Indian or Pakistani designers who charge $2/hr. Nearly all jobs I bid on were never awarded to anyone. Two months into placing daily bids for work, I have not yet received one job. My bids are more than reasonable, and my experience and online portfolio blow away the competitors. Elance is for dabblers, students and amateurs happy with earning $20 for a week's work.

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Rating: Name: PattyPilates

I cannot believe how the freelancers are willing to work for free. I have seen 30 page website awarded for $ 50 or full ecommerce website for $ 100. Great site if you want to get some experience but work for peanuts.

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Rating: Name: Sara

I've been a provider for many months, and have not had any problems with Elance. Can't understand why people are giving them such horrible reviews. It's not their fault some people aren't reliable....

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Rating: Not rated Name: spoontocal

WHOA...I've been a writer with Elance for the past 10 years. I offer more than 28 years experience as a published writer and I take offense that there are "no good providers" and the site is "fraudulent. This company has been AMAZING to work for, my clients are awesome, and I personally have enjoyed a successful and lucrative writing career, largely in part to Elance. It's a shame that people can lump every bad person into a group with many talented and dedicated writers. Elance may not be perfect but for the past 10 years, I've had the honor of working with clients around the world and have NO complaints!

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Rating: Name: Base29

I've been working on elance for an year now as a provider and I have found elance to be a very good freelancing website and I have managed to generate great amount of income .... yes there are flaws and bad providers and buyers .. but if you work honestly you will get rewarded ... I work honestly and provide my clients with what they really want .. Thanks

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Rating: Name: Cheesey

Mixed bag--that Elance.

There are some (a few...) projects for good freelancers. Some actually paid good money too, say $50 an hour for me, for example $2000 or more for a single gig.

But, their customer support is virtually nonexistent, so some of my clients there have stated. Providers say the same, if they were unlucky, and some problems arise.

Elance is not necessarily a scam, but it is DEFINITELY MISMANAGED at the human support level. If something does not go right--perhaps, a client's good credit card has problems, do not expect the problems to be fixed anytime soon. It might take weeks for them to straighten things out. If ever...

They also kick some providers out if they complain about their problems about not getting paid and all, through Elance's fault, but through no fault of theirs, I hear...

(Keeping my fingers crossed...)

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Rating: Name: George

From a service provider's point of view, I can say Elance is far better than any other freelance website out there.

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Rating: Name: Tony H.

I have been using Elance for the past 18 months as a provider and it has worked out great for me. I have been able to generate a steading stream of income from the site.

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Rating: SCAM Name: rippedoffbyelance


I signed up for Elance in early December. I followed their advice and took some performance tests (at $5 a pop) because they claim that when buyers do a search if you score high you will be high in the rankings for whatever skill. NOT TRUE.

My test results were top 5% in several and top 10% in others. But when I went and did a search for those skills there are people will lower and non-existent test scores way above me.

TOTAL waste of money.

I also paid ($15 a pop) to use their service which is supposed to verify your "credentials". They say verifying them shows you have reliable references to buyers.

More than 2 months later I am still waiting. 1 it said they couldn't verify, 3 they haven't even tried. They are all former employers and the one they said they couldn't verify told me they never got a letter, call, or email from anyone trying to verify past employment. Elance just took my money and did nothing.

Spent a month and a half calling and emailing them. Even sent Elance a letter in the mail. They never answer their phone, never return emails, don't respond to voicemails and don't answer letters.

I basically wasted about $100 because of Elance lying and stealing my money.

Elance is the WORST thing in the world!

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Rating: SCAM Name: dpn2000

Elance is a joke if you are looking to provide quality work (and get anything close to a fair wage).

For buyers it's even worse. The whole site is chalk full of low-quality providers with glowing resumes and feedback. The thing is the providers make multiple accounts and "trade" projects within the accounts for that very feedback.

Elance turns a blind eye so they can collect their service fees.

Their escrow isn't a real escrow system, the website itself has errors all the time and if you are looking for any type of customer service or support you get a phone answering machine and an email support service that never returns emails.

Elance is by far the worst freelancing site I have ever had the misfortune of working with.

If you ever think of checking it out be sure and READ their 800 page terms of service statement. They are not responsible for ANYTHING. They can come back and take money you made months ago if they want (and they have citing problems and fraud)...even though their system is supposed to prevent these things.

Elance is a joke and a horrible affront to decent business practices.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Elance


I have hired a programmers/web designers through Elance, online outsourcing company. I made my choice based on their rating system and the bid received from indian group Synapseindia.

The project is 2 months past due and Synapseindia is unable to correct the functionality although a full payment was made.

Elance investigating team was contacted in order to arbitrate but they have no system of protection for the customers and are less than willing to argue with their "select" providers who provide part of their online fees.

I had a tech team to review an existing site and they immediately pointed out to several issues including security; Synapseindia corrected them only on our request, ignoring the fact that as a "select" provider they are expected to maintain at least basic expertise.

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Rating: SCAM Name: International Law

Scam at Elance

We are terminating our outsource a web development project and demanding refund of USD450 from a developer in India on the ground of project delay more than 6 months and the developer is obviously lack of skill to deliver.

We have reported the case to Elance but they did nothing much other than forwarding emails, claiming that they act as a finder service only and suggested 3rd party mediation service. The developer is refusing refund with lots of lame excuses and stalling time to participate on 3rd party mediation wasted another 4~5 months since the case reported to Elance.

My question for the situation is

1. How can we make Elance liable to its duty as the owner of a marketplace to protect its member from fraud and fair business practise?

2. Is there a way for us to venue for us to demand refund from the developer as they are in India, though a bulk of their business could be from US?

3. Is this case worth to be pursue, refund amount is $450 plus delay penalty and other damages could worth more than $5,000 is chargeable.

Thanks in advance for taking time to response to our concern. If there is something worthy for us to pursue, I am surely with you to go all out.

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Rating: SCAM Name: brook

Left a project on Elance and this company bids. Not a great bid a bit generic but I like some of their apparent websites.

They bid agian for the same amount which also happens to be the max amount the project is going for.

They then bid a week later for a third time and this time it's $250 over the max bid amount! After questioning it his reply was "Ah I bided on the wrong project".

OK so I should have had alarm bells then but pickings were slim and they looked like the best shot as anyone can make mistakes. Should have gone with my sixth sense!

So I award the project on the 18th OCT 09 and leave my terms, they come back with "thanks for giving us this project we should have your Ecommerce up and running in two weeks" Kavin its not an Ecommerce site, its a blog site and the ususal apologies came up...

We argue over the 50% upfront and them not being in business to RIP OFF anyone... I read up on Elance rules and it's not uncommon to do this, So in order to get the ball rolling I agree but only after we've agreed on a design.

I see a design on the 20 OCT 09 2 days later and dont hear anything substantial about the site for another 4 days when a mockup template comes through which is crass to say the least and after I've released Escrow funds of 50%

All i hear is theyre uploading it to my server for 4 more days and after threatening them by saying if nothing is up and substantial by the morning I'll be canceling and looking for another provider.

They put up a wordpress site with no interaction apart from the back end (which is build into it automatically) which I could have done myself. And then stuck the rudimentary graphics on the front! to resemble the website. All thiswork would have taken a proficient designer a couple of hours. They said they worked on it all day to get it live and missed out the crucial parts to building a website. Giveing the client what he wants! Development, testing, adjusting, launching.

At no time did they put up a holding page they just did it ad hoc, and after their mess of a site going up I canceled. I got called a thief for closing their FTP and that they would fight me over ALL the work they did. All they did was try and rip me off. I'm waiting on Arbitration from to get my money back...

My recommendations, avoid hustlers like Kevin Patel and Dhruv Patel from like the plague... They have no clue how to do business and will take your money anyway way they can!

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Rating: SCAM Name: Sarah

I paid $350 into Escrow re a project for 60 SEO Links from a provider that failed to provide reports and project outcomes within specified period. Due to unforseen personal circumstances it was over the 6 month deadline period that I was able to pursue the provider further - unfortunately they no longer exist on Elance.

The project is not completed to satisfaction and a year later $350 sits in Escrow and I'm unable to return it to my paypal account.

I've tried on a couple of occasions to contact Elance - but all I receive is set of instructions including forms to fill in that specify a 6 month deadline less a set number of days - over which the Escrow money appears to roll up to the Bank of Elance.

As I say, project was not completed to time or satisfaction, I was over the 6 month deadline re claiming with supplier - but they no longer exist - and I seem unable to get my $350 back.

Please assist.


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Rating: SCAM Name: Hyter g.

Elance is a supposed freelancer website.

Elance is nothing but a scam. They post false buyer jobs to improve their numbers. They do not adhere to any of their policies. They allow buyers to post multiple non-awarded jobs which service providers pay to bid on. They LIE and say buyers are automatically stopped from posting jobs if they award less than 20% of those jobs - however anyone can see that there are tons of buyers who've posted 10, 20 and more jobs that are never awarded.

Elance offers an escrow service but this is a scam as well. If you are a buyer who puts money into escrow it will ALWAYS be paid to the service provider NO MATTER WHAT. If you hire someone to setup a website and they upload a chicken soup recipe, Elance WILL release ALL of your Escrow money and say, "we can't be responsible for the quality of work".

Elance does not tolerate dissent. They never answer their phone, rarely return emails and their website is full of bugs. Many service providers and buyers who have complained on their forums have had their accounts banned.

I could write pages on the schenanigons going on over there. I learned my lesson the hard way (after they stole my money).

Elance has to be the worst scam out there.

Hyter g.

Dallas, Texas


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Rating: Name: Chamo

Well, I got a nice 500U$ work the last month.

I guess I have almost no complains.

It's hard to get a good job on this web though.


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Rating: Name: Dalibor Sojic

As a developer, I am very satisfied. Great system.

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Rating: Name: dpro

So what is the alternative aside for elance?

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Rating: SCAM Name: susansoiree

Hey guys. I wanted to get in touch with as many people as I can regarding Elance and their shady business practices. I'm an employer. Elance let me hire a firm from India that they kicked off their site for God knows what 1 day after I posted my job. Did Elance tell me? NO. This company had 100% positive feedback. That happens because Elance allows them to create multiple accounts, hire themselves and give themselves positive feedback. Many times the projects they have listed in their profiles are not from other companies but inhouse projects. Elance let me hire them and they ended up stealing my intellectual property, taking the first two payments for milestones, never delivering anything, and HACKING my computer, Elance account, bank account and basically my life. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!

I went to Godaddy to buy the domain but it was already taken. What a surprise!

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Rating: Not rated Name: UTinoco

This is a rip-off, I tried it, it does not work! period...unless you want to work for free! i was reading a job description for a VA and the guy siad in his country a good Assistant charges no more than $2/hr...

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Rating: Name: Tracey

I've been providing web content and articles for clients via Elance for about a year now. I work between 30-40 hours a week and have made over $20,000.00 in the last 6 months.

I see negative reviews all the time and I just don't understand them. Not everyone has the skill to do this kind of work. Blaming Elance for lack of time-management skills, talent or motivation seems unfair.

That said, there are definitely buyers out there who aren't completely on the up and up -- just like in the real world, imagine that! The good thing about Elance is that you're able to read feedback that's left for buyers from their previous clients, as well as the feedback they've left for their providers.

All you need to do is take a bit of time to look into the projects you're bidding on. You can make money at this -- provided you have the talent. Not everyone does; don't beat yourself up over it -- but don't blame Elance either!

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Rating: SCAM Name: birdt

If it was an option, Elance would receive zero stars from me. They don't go after non-paying buyers and claim they can't "get involved." I'm sure if a writer failed to provide the good for the buyer they'd "get involved."

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Rating: SCAM Name: Rabid

Horrible!!! In the same league as Guru. They put the screws to the contractors and suck up to the employers, who receive services for free!!! Elance is the worst!

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Rating: SCAM Name: jets211990

Horrible for everyone else This site offers an excellent place for job posters and an absolutely horrible one for service providers. Just take a look at the ratio of postings to service providers. For example, Design and Multimedia has, right now, over thirteen thousand service providers...and only four hundred and twenty-two job postings.

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Rating: Name: good

I do have complaints with the low bidding practices and for employers who want to pay 3-4.00 per hour (or less) for high level work.

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Rating: Name: hornet

Really mediocre. I've been using Elance for about a month and I find the charges outrageous. Elance takes huge cuts out of any projects you win, and I think most buyers are contacting the providers directly.

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Rating: SCAM Name: ChowClown

I own several companies which employ more than a thousand service providers so I enrolled in Elance. I asked Customer Service for support on some areas that was not clear to me, which is normally answered in Guru less than 24 hours. Weeks passed and finally I got a response from them asking me to explain what I want. I sent them several inquiries weeks back and they don't seem to have a record of it. Guru sends me a message and resolves all my problems within 24 hours. I don't blame your reviewers for giving a poor rating on their customer service. So when I tried to cancel my membership for over $1500 dollars, I cannot anymore! Oh well!

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Rating: SCAM Name: PipChick

Completely awful. Elance was worth using years ago at its inception, before it charged outrageous subscription fees and took unreasonable cuts from any of the projects you managed to win.

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Rating: SCAM Name: PistolDave

Waste of money, no customer service, Elance lies, poor website I signed up for Elance in early December. I followed their advice and took some performance tests (at $5 a pop) because they claim that when buyers do a search if you score high you will be high in the rankings for whatever skill. NOT TRUE.

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Rating: Name: f4mnect

If the service provider doesn't respond, Elance does absolutely nothing to protect the *buyer" except to tell me that if I serve them with a subpeopna then they will send me the service providers personal information like home address, etc so that I can take the service provider to court. Bad, very bad business. I wouldn't recommend Elance at all.

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Rating: Name: Darkstar

Have been back and forth on this site and am finally leaving it for good. This is not the place for serious contractors with experience, references, etc. expecting a fair wage.

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Rating: SCAM Name: good

Elance has the worst customer service of ANY freelancing site and I have used many of them. There is simply nothing worthwild about Elance.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Vourvoul

No customer service, no good providers, bunch of frauds and cheats out there Elance is a joke if you are looking to provide quality work (and get anything close to a fair wage). For buyers it's even worse. The whole site is chalk full of low-quality providers with glowing resumes and feedback. The thing is the providers make multiple accounts and "trade" projects within the accounts for that very feedback. Elance turns a blind eye so they can collect their service fees.

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Rating: SCAM Name: goonergonebad

The provider was horrible. They couldn't follow the project details or even simple instructions. They drug the whole thing out for like 3 weeks before they finally just said they didn't have the expertise to do it.

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Rating: SCAM Name: FSchaef

Use Elance if you like wasting money.
It's great for job posters and Elance employees and horrible for everyone else.

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Rating: Name: bcnlondon

If you are a buyer, thigs are very good for you.

If you are a seller, you will soon find out that you are the golden goose for Elance. Initially, it's free to open an account and list several items in your Elance shop, but as said earlier you can't expect any transactions to come by just listing your services.

What does this membership pay for? Elance says it pays for advertising and marketing expenses of the Elance (and in extension, your) marketplace. That's a pure rip-off! It's like paying Google to let you search! These people are unbelievable!

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Rating: Name: moewenger

Hefty charges for Service Providers. Mediation policy and refund policy are not reliable. Elance is a very costly site for service providers. It picks your pocket by both hands - (1) A hefty fee on registration, and (2) Additional 8.75% of the cost of the project, with minimum of $10 (25%, if Project Cost is $50). Its refund policy is also quite defective.

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Rating: Name: Lowen

Advantages: Easy to set up.
Disadvantages: Impossible to sell Elance is a work / project marketplace, where buyers post works / projects for bidding by sellers. Elance of course offers a listing service - where you can list all the kind of jobs you are able to offer, but according to my experience buyers almost never see those listings, since they are able to post a project for bidding.

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Rating: SCAM Name: yen44x

No customer service, lots of fraud, expensive Elance is about the worst freelance site out there whether you are a buyer or a provider. If you're a buyer you have to watch out for constant fraud. Their escrow service is nothing but a scam.

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Rating: SCAM Name: LuckyLurker

Total waste of time for anyone who isn't an off-shore, fly by night group trying to pass themselves off as professionals who are willing to work for peanuts.

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