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Are you on the look out for a job? Are you immersed in the thousands of job sites that promise to provide you with that perfect job profile and that dream like salary? If this is so then reading this article can provide your job search a new impetus! In this article we will explain the momentum of the various job portals that dominate the web today and provide you with handy hints on how to find that elusive job… right at the click of a mouse!

The first thing that you need to do is to create a resume that really lists down everything that a prospective employer may be looking for. Does your resume really reflect all the details that your past job or educational qualifications give you an edge over? If not, then this is the perfect place to expose your skills. Highlight whatever you have achieved all through these years and remember to list them down in an organized way. Now that your resume is ready, all that you have to do is to upload it for all your prospective employers to see!

Determine what your preferences are. Check out and list down things like your preferred location, whether you wish to relocate, whether you want a full time or a part time job and details such as this.

Next use these details as keywords. For example, if you know your city of preference, use it to customize the searches. Chances are you will find that dream job a lot faster. This will also save you from getting bogged down by unnecessary job listing which do not match your criteria.

Once you have shortened down the listings which match your preferences, take time out and compose a forwarding letter which you can send to your prospective employers with the resume. Though most job portals classify the forwarding letter as an option, most employers feel that it gives a more personal feel to the candidate’s application and helps them in turn, to sift the most eligible candidates from the vast wave of applications which they generally receive.

Keep updating your resume regularly on the website that you have chosen. Each time you update your resume, the website will push it up to the top of the list of employees, thereby raising your chances of getting sighted by that “in-demand” organization. Even if you feel that you have nothing new to include in your resume, change the language or insert a special keyword that can push your resume to the top every time an employer uses a keyword search option.

Also, keep it mind that the best time to update your resume is on Fridays. This is because most job portals need around 2 days to work on any updates that may happen to your resume. So, if you update your resume on a Friday, there are greater chances of your resume being pushed to the top on the next Monday for all the prospective employers to see!

While searching for a job yourself, remember that using multiple keywords in the search text box will pull up more results than using a single keyword which matches your job description. For example, if you are an e-learning specialist, you will get more results if you put in words such as “e-learning”, “instructional designer” than if you use “e-learning specialist”. Separate keywords by a comma to avoid confusing results from popping up.

Most job portals provide a “search by relevance” button. Be sure to check this button to ensure that all the results which will show up when you submit your data are relevant and active profiles.

While embarking on a job search, it is important to keep in mind that there are fake sites as well as fake job offers. Be careful in sharing your personal details with any employer right at the beginning through these job portals as there can b many fake organizations as well.

If the job portal that you have chosen provides you with the option of creating multiple resumes, it is best to avail the opportunity and create as many representations of your skills as you can. This way you can apply both for a managerial role by posting your “managerial resume” or a trainer’s role by posting your “trainer’s resume” right at the click of the mouse!

Always use keywords which cater to a designation that is higher than your present one. For example, if you are a team member with a few years of experience in your belt, choose keywords such as “team lead” to get an immediate boost to your career. Chances are that there will be more vacancies suiting your new role than your previous one!


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