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Top 10 hobbies that pay. A Home Business Opportunities


Are you on the lookout for an extra bit of income? Or do you want to give your creativity the status of a full time job? If you do then read out to find out how you can convert your favorite hobbies into activities that pay! Whether you love writing or photography or think of cooking as an aesthetic art, here are some handy hints on how you can convert your hobby into a job that pays. Mix fun and reward as you utilize your time through our list of hobbies that pay!

1. Freelance photography

One of the most creative hobbies, you can easily turn your passion of photography into a profession which pays. There are a number of magazines and other organizations who offer good incentives to freelance photographers. Check out the details from the various online resources and contact them with a portfolio of your creations.

2. Photography classes

If you have a passion for photography and love sharing that passion with everyone around, you can start a photography class in your neighborhood. Advertise through simple means such as designing your own poster and sticking it around the neighborhood. Get ready to click on as you arrange for your classes by photographing the natural scenery around your neighborhood.

3. Cooking

If you love cooking then there are a number of ways in which you can transform your hobby into a profession. Teach the art to a batch of students by arranging bakery or cooking classes at your house. You can also pick up orders for food supply and catering at the various functions which take place almost throughout the year. Start with a small venture and wait till your business flourishes through the word of mouth of your satisfied customers.

4. Creative Writing

If you have a flair for writing, then you can indulge in some freelance writing jobs. There are many organizations and individuals who offer a good financial transaction in exchange of articles which are generally related to content writing. The perfect way of giving your creativity as much space and recognition that it deserves, content writing can be easily done by sitting at home, right at the click of your mouse.

5. Gardening

So you want to let those green fingers get the value they deserve? Let your hobby of gardening earn you money as you start a small scale business of growing plants, bonsais, vegetables, and flowers and selling them. You can arrange for an exhibition to give your business a start and see it bloom all the way!

6. Organizing and Decorating

Do you hate a mess and love putting everything in its right place? If this is so, you can turn this habit of yours into a well paying job. Take on orders from your friends and relatives for organizing their homes into well ordered clusters. You can also combine this with decorating the interiors of their homes for a richer dividend.

7. Crafts

Whether you love doing fretting, woodwork, or embroidery, you can earn a nice figure through your passion. If you can sew well, you can set up exhibitions of your creations and display embroidered pieces as well as dresses and dollies. You could also arrange for classes, where you can teach your art to the others.

8. Computers

If you are a computer geek and interested in almost every aspect of this modern wonder, you can use your knowledge to earn some money for yourself. Start a class in your neighborhood where you can teach kids the various ways of using a computer as well as provide knowledge on the various software and hardware issues.

9. Music

If music is what your soul is passionate about, then there are a number of activities in which you can give your passion a shape. You can arrange for classes where you can provide music lessons to students. You can also perform in the various festivals and shows of your city, and thereby earn a reputation for yourself as a music artist.

10. Counseling

Do you love listening to people and pride yourself on your communication skills? If you do then the role of a counselor would be perfect for you. Hear out people’s troubles and suggest a solution that will put a smile on their faces. A hobby that will pay you rich dividends of money as well as blessings and good karma!


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