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No Hassles – Just a Money-free Weekend


Have you ever heard of a money-free weekend? I would guess that you probably have not since we are all scurrying helter skelter just to stay with the crowd. Just think of it – almost everything we do costs money. Would you like some ideas about how you can have a money-free weekend? Here are some tips that you may want to keep under your hat so that you will be able to pull them out on your money-free weekend.

1. Check out the community calendar

You can either check your town’s website to find some suggestions as to how you can have a money-free weekend or you can stop by city hall to locate a list of events that are going on in your community, many of which are free. You get the surprise of your life to find out just how many interesting, and often free, activities are right in your area.

2. Take time out to visit your community library

Not only does your library house many books, but most libraries these days have a variety of CD and DVD collections that you will be able to check out. If you have young children, check the library to see when they have “story time”. Many libraries may also have film nights, book clubs and lots of other events that are completely free.

3. Become involved in community sports

Many towns will have a community sport field where both youth and adult sports events are going on through the weekend. You can either be a spectator or you can join as a participant or a volunteer. You can always take your family to see a money-free baseball game.

4. Play board games

I am sure you have quite a collection of board games that either you or your children have bought over the years. Some board games that are fun to play are Monopoly, Pictionary, and Scrabble. All you have to do is pull them out of your closet and begin playing. The more the merrier!

5. Bake a loaf or two of homemade bread

You will usually have all it takes to make a fine loaf of homemade bread. Let your children help so that they can say they helped to bake the bread, too. Anyone can do this and the bread will be simply delicious.

6. Learn how to juggle

All you need will be three balls and a “how to” video showing you the essentials of juggling. This is not only a fun activity to learn but you will be the hit of the party when you start your act!

7. Meet your neighbors.

If you don’t know your neighbors that well, then go over to their house and introduce yourselves. Invite any of the interesting ones over to have a cup of coffee and some conversation.

8. Clear out your media collection

That will include books, CDs, DVDs,etc. Go through what you have and decide which ones you are going to keep and which ones you can get rid of. You may want to try to get some money for the ones you don’t want. Try looking into online services such as SwapTree, PaperBackSwap and Swap ADVD.

9. Organize a walking tour

Find out about some interesting historical or cultural sites in you town and then you and your family can go on a walking tour. Be sure to pack a lunch in your backpack so that you will be prepared to have a picnic lunch in the park or on the village green. If you happen to live in a compelling area, you can turn this into a whole day’s event.

10. Take digital photos

When you go out, take your digital camera with you and take pictures of thing that you find interesting. Go home later to see if you have taken anything that is compelling or beautiful. You could turn some of these photos into homemade greeting cards.


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