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Top 10 Most Popular Personal Financial Services


The perfect way of helping you manage your finances, a number of personal financial services are today available online. If you are stressed about your money or worried about how to invest in to gain even more returns, these online helps are just the friend that you may need. These personal online financial services help you to figure out your exact assets, keep a tab on your liabilities, as well as plan a budget for you and your family that is guaranteed to suit all your needs. If this interests you, then read on to know more about the amazing world of personal financial services and how they help you to manage your money.

The following are the most popular personal financial services which are available today:


Reputed to be America’s Number 1 online personal financial service, offers its patrons a world of utilities. Easy to use and providing extremely fast upload and downloading speeds, provides you with a budget that is as personalized as possible. The theory that follows is a three fold one which begins with an investigation on where your money is going. It next concentrates on how to prevent your money from straying and end the process by keeping a careful eye on your finances to make sure that you stick to it!

  1. Mvelopes

The perfect personal financial service for households, Mvelopes promises you a financial freedom that will rise from managing your finaces efficiently… easily! It promoises to help you to recover around 10% of your income, which you can recover from hidden costs. It also helps you in debt recovery and also promises to help you keep your credit card costs in check. Isn’t that just the thing you wished for! Mvelopes also offers new users a trial usage, so that you can check out how efficiently the service works for you before investing in it.

  1. Quicken Online

Quicken Online, which is one of the most popular online personal financial services available today offers a number of advantages to its users. One of the most important advantages that Quicken Online offers over the other different personal financial services is the fact that most of your Quicken data can be transferred to any other personal online service in case you wish to make a change. So, even if you want to try Quicken Online before embarking completely on it, fear not… all your transactions will be securely transferred in case you want to make a change… right at the click of a mouse!

  1. Rudder

Promising you hundred percent security without any choice, Rudder, the popular online money management service allows you to review all your money matters from a single point. So you gain freedom of logging into and checking each and every bank account and transaction that you must make. Added to this is the fact that Rudder tracks all that you spend as well as all the bills that you need to pay so that you always know the amount of money that you can spend at any point of time.

  1. Buxfer

One of the biggest advantages of using Buxfer as online money management tool is the fact that the service does not need you to store your personal bank transactions. There are a number of options which you can choose from instead… such as writing it manually each time you need to check your finances. Enjoying rave reviews from financial journals from all around the world, Buxfer allows you to create your budgets in as customized way as possible. Promising you to recover your hidden money and increase your finances considerably, Buxfer certainly holds true to its promises of delivering what it claims!

  1. MySpendingPlan

A free website, MySpendingPlan allows you to plan the way you want to budget your finances. Without the hassle of downloading or installing software, MySpendingPlan can be used to create budgets for almost everything… from your daily grocery lists to investing in that vacation home that you had always dreamt of! One of the greatest advantages of using MySpendingPlan as your personal financial service is the fact that you can get to be a part of a huge community of users who can help your finances to grow by networking.

  1. Geezeo

The personal financial service that takes into account your personal lifestyle, Geezeo allows you a combination of both… an online bank account as well as providing you with a personal banking service that can calculate your income and design a budget plan that helps you to recover your debts. Some of the features that this service provides include an expense tracker as well as a calendar that provides you with warnings and reminders whenever it is time to pay a bill or receive a payment. A dream-come-true for all of us!


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