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How to manage your money with Personal Finance Software

  1. Moneydance

  2. Quicken

  3. AceMoney

  4. Microsoft Money

  5. Wesabe

  6. BankTree Personal

  7. RichOrPoor

  8. Budget Express

  9. Account Xpress

How to manage your money with Personal Finance Software

In today’s world of hectic deadlines and race against time, it can often be quite difficult for the ordinary man or woman to organize their life as well as they would like. In this situation, most of us would like smarter ways of dealing with our day to day routines. Helping us in a large way to organize our life are the various softwares that are available today. One such extremely helpful aspect is the use of the various personal finance software that are freely available all around us today.

The various personal financial softwares can help us to track our expenses without any hassle or paperwork in a way that is both user-friendly and well-managed. These personal softwares can also let you know when your bills are due and remind you of the methods in which you can pay them off right at the click of a mouse. An additional bonus of using these softwares is the fact that they can also help you to identify the prospective areas in which you can profit on investing. However, perhaps, the most important advantage of these personal financial softwares is the fact that they help you to budget your finances keeping in mind your personalized likes, dislikes, and needs. An even greater claim to fame of these personal softwares is the fact that most of these are extremely user friendly, so that even if you are not exactly a financial wizard, you will be able to comfortably handle these.

There are a number of personal financial software in the market which include:

  1. Moneydance

Whether it online banking that you want help with or a simple way of managing and sticking to your budget that you are looking out for, Moneydance has it all. One of the most popular personal financial softwares available in the market today, much of the popularity of Moneydance stems from its user-friendly features and the vast number of graphs which it contains. According to recent customer reviews Moneydance is also faster and possesses an interface that is a breeze to work with.

  1. Quicken

If you are looking for a way of avoiding late payment fees, Quicken’s latest version, Quicken 2010 is just the perfect personal financial software for you. Easy to use, Quicken can easily provide you in a single screen an overview of your entire finances. This almost human-like software also tells you where you are spending and where you should curb your expenditure, in addition to popping up useful reminders to remind you of your upcoming bill dates and amounts.

  1. AceMoney

Are you worried about how to track the performances of your investment? If you are, then, the personal financial software AceMoney, which is one of most popular personal finances freeware available today can help you track the performances of your investments. In addition to the regular benefits that most other personal financial softwares offer, AceMoney also allows you to track your finances in multiple currencies, a feature, which can really prove to be beneficial if you have investments in more than one country as well.

  1. Microsoft Money

Originally designed for those computers which use the Microsoft Windows Operating system, Microsoft Money is today available in four versions. One of the biggest option is that the software can be used in both online as well as offline modes, which really means that all your information can be linked to your bank account at any time right at the click of the mouse, even where you are in a place where you cannot access the Internet! One of the most popular personal financial software, this is definitely worth the initial cost of purchase!

  1. Wesabe

One of the most popular free money management tools available today, Wesabe is often preferred to other personal financial tools due to the strong community of people who keep helping each other with their financial growths. One of the best things about using Wesabe is that you can track each of your transactions with tags which you can personalize. So even if a family member is using your account, he or she can find any transaction just by matching it with its tag!

  1. BankTree Personal

The perfect personal financial tool for those of us who are not very tech-savvy, BankTree Personal offers easy-to-use and easy-to-install software that comes with two calculators which can help you to plan and calculate your loans as well as your mortgages. The software, which offers large navigation buttons on your screen, also helps in calculating different exchange rates right at the click of the mouse!

  1. RichOrPoor

If you wish for a software that will help you to list down your assets and liabilities and plan your budget accordingly, RichOrPoor is just the perfect solution for you. The software which helps you to track your budget on the basis of each day, week, month, or year, owes most of its popularity to the fact that it provides you with a 360 degrees perspective of your finances. Quite a feat that!

  1. Budget Express

An user-friendly software that helps you to build your own budget, the Budget Express is useful as a personal financial software because of its ability to display your budget in the form of a calendar… where you can keep track of when you can expect your payments as well as when you should complete paying your bills.

  1. Account Xpress

Designed as an user-friendly tool with Windows 2000, Account Xpress ahs a number of advantages that are an edge above the others. Notable among these is the facts that this software allows you to schedule your recurring transactions, all at one go… which saves you the hassle of making them for each period separately.


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