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Top 10 Money Transfer Services Reviews


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Online Money Transfer- An Analytical Overview  

Due to the speedy progression in the field of science and technology, the conventional pattern of money transfer process has been thoroughly changed. You have now good option to use the net banking facility to transfer your money to anywhere in the world. The postal service will take several days to send your bucks to your family members. It is time consuming. Furthermore, you will have to do lot of complicated paperwork to convert the currencies and transfer the fund. However, online transaction is really much faster and more convenient system which will save your time.  You can easily send money through internet.  

To be frank, there are different money transfer agencies which will provide you their excellent technical support and reliable service to enhance the speedy transaction. In this genuine site, you will get the total 10 money transfer networking systems. Please check the ratings and the feedbacks of the customers before getting locked into the contract with the money transfer network systems online.

Paypal is the world famous internet based money transfer network with myriad branches all over the world. You can simply convert your foreign currencies through Paypal.  However, there is shipment processing charge which you will have to pay.  Its customer care unit is really marvelous and the representatives are always on the line to assist their clients. If you want to purchase any product from online shopping centers like Ebay, you need to sign up in the Paypal money management network. It will provide fast online transaction option.  There are different rates of currency conversion; you should check the table to get the correct information.  However there are few guys who have some negative experiences about the transaction through Paypal. They were charged higher fees for sending the money. Save and except few stray incidents, Paypal performs always brilliantly to transfer money within the stipulated period of time. It has also got **** depending on the performance graph.

On the other hand there are other money transfer service providers like Western Union, IKobo, XOOM, MoneyGramm and Obopay.  Western Union also speeds up the online money transfer. If you read the online reviews, you will find that Western Union provides excellent service. However, the minus point is that you will have to bear higher service fees. It is quite expensive to general guys.

Tips on how to avoid online fraud:
  • Transfer money to someone you know personally or whose identity you can verify
  • Do NOT use money transfer services to pay for online auction purchases
  • Be wary if you are required to pay a fee before receiving a loan
  • Beware of telephone calls from the police claiming someone you know has been in an accident or arrested and is requesting money
  • Be wary of offers of employment that require you to deposit money into your account and then wire it to a third party