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All Money transfer networks reviews. See below for IKobo reviews.

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IKobo Reviews

( Average rating:2.2727272727273)
Rating: SCAM Name: USMC

This company sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks!

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Rating: Name: Another iKobo Victim

I used iKobo for years with few complaints. Then, in 2009, the company stopped honoring its card. The balance left on the account owed me/the recipient by iKobo was over USD 1K. It's been the run-around ever since, always delaying while they "escalated" the matter to another department, and with several attempts at milking me of more money. Eventually, they claimed the card was lost in the mail, so I paid the extra USD 14 for FEDEX. Then they claimed they were waiting to receive new card stock from the bank. That was LAST YEAR, people! Now they don't respond at all. I'm taking my complaint on the road and am moving next to the court system. Anybody want to join me for a class action suit?

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Rating: SCAM Name: Larry 32

Run from this company and don't look back. They are absolutely useless.

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Rating: SCAM Name: pk4889

I hate this company!

They are a bunch of crooks.

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Rating: Name: Mad as hell

These guys don't care about anything or anyone. They always blame others for thier mistakes. Once they have your money its thier goal to keep it as long as possible and then fee you dry.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Richard 332

These guys are total idiots. Too many issues to list - just don't use them.

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Rating: Name: Joe K.

Joe: When will new cards be delivered?

Nezia: unfortunately we cannot provide a date sir

Nezia: we apologize for the inconvenience which is being caused

Nezia: and do appreciate your patience and cooperation in the interim

Joe: I can't wait, I need to find another provider.

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Rating: SCAM Name: iKobo sucks

For the entire month of March I have been unable to use my account.

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Rating: Not rated Name: Matt

Run from these guys, they will nickle and dime you to death. I received $1,000 and after I used all the funds I reviewed my statement and added up $136.59 in fees (nearly 14% in fees).

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Rating: SCAM Name: mighty upset

The latest email from Ikobo advises me that the recipient card is about to expire and to send a new one i will be charged another fee $14 to have a new one shipped. The is crazy as I just had the first card sent and now its about to expire. I doesn't when ? I guess Feb 2011. I only got to use it once. Avoid this company

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Rating: SCAM Name: Keith72

Ikobo sucks, they fee you to death and customer service is terrible.

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Rating: Name: Mark P.

4 weeks and counting. Still can not access my funds as we are waiting on new cards. Ikobo sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rating: Name: Tony

Tony: My daughter just got her new credit card two weeks ago. Are you seriously issuing her yet another card?

Nezia: Sir.. cards which were issued within the past few months

Tony: I'm sorry, I don't understand?

Nezia: all had a expiry of february 2011

Nezia: we presently await the new batch of cards

Nezia: which will expire as of 2012

Tony: So the card she has now will not work?

Nezia: no it will not sir

Tony: Let me get this right. The funds she has on her card are inaccessible and you have no idea when she will receive a new card to access them again?

Nezia: firstly sir all patrons were advised via email that card will expire as of febraury 2011

Nezia: they were also advised that their senders

Nezia: will not be able to perform transfers to them

Nezia: during february until further notice

Nezia: there was also a notice posted on the website once a sender log into their account

Nezia: we have not received a date from the card issuance company

Nezia: as to when the new cards will arrive

Nezia: we too anticipate that there will arrive shortly

Nezia: to relieve customers of the inconvenience being caused

Tony: Wow - so all your customers are in limbo? That can't be good for business.

Nezia: unfortunately the issue is not something which ikobo had control over

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Rating: Name: Dr. Allen

I used successfully for about 10 transactions over a 6 month period. Then the service went to hell and their support was non existent. Do yourselves a major favor and use another service provider. I spent many hours trying to find out what their problem was but in the end I just walked away from my money.

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Rating: Name: Ikobo Customer

I do not recommend this company. Although, I have used their services successfully a few times, they are not consistent and have terrible customer service. The first problem I encountered is when I sent money to my family overseas and the money was not transferred although they had already deducted it from my checking account. After contacting customer service, it turned out they had a problem in their system on the day I completed the transaction. They could not fix it and I had to wait for 10+ days for them to refund me and then resend the money if I wanted to. In addition, it took 20 painful minutes to get this information out of the customer service representative. They were not very helpful at all.

Now today, I received an e-mail from them that my profile has been modified and to contact customer service if I wasn't the one who made the changes. Since I hadn't made any changes to my profile, I contacted customer service again. They were very short with me and not helpful at all after 45 minutes of chatting with them (with 20+ minutes of them not responding at all) I was told that my account was disabled because it did not pass their verification checks. I had been a customer of theirs and they diasbled my account because it did not pass who know what verification checks...They did not share what the verification checks consisted of, but nontheless my valid checking account I had been using for years with them all of a sudden failed their checks and my account was disabled and they will no longer service me without any explanation. It blows my mind considering I was not even contacted nor did I receive communication from them that verification checks were taking place.

However, I am ok with the fact that I will not be using their services again. Their company is very shady and granted my previous experience, I was only using them occasionally because I had been too busy to look for a better alternative.

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Rating: Name: iKobo - be carefull to make a deal

I tried to transfer money to Ukraine. After multiple steps iKobo collected all my info: account, 2. copy of driver's license, 3. copy of bank statement, 4. copy of utility bill, 5. bank account confirmation - account was closed "by high security reason". I spend more than 6 hours on the phone with customer service, bunch of emails with security department and did not received any reasonable explanation. Now iKobo has all info about my account and could use it for non-appropriate purposes. I have to call my bank and made restriction for any transfer by iKobo. If you want to keep your money save - avoid to have any deal with iKobo!

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Rating: Name: Palmer

Don't know if this company has any staff and whether it exists anymore or not...cannot use their service for anything, money just disappears again and again from ones credit card and never reaches the "ikard" ever!!! Ugh :(

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Rating: Name: rapaduski1

I have to say that iKobo has raised the bar on international money transfers and payment processing. To and from virtually every country in the world, WOW!!! 30 second transactions, thumbs up. And their customer service are the nicest people you'll ever talk to, really. Mark my words iKobo is going to be huge very soon. I wish I could buy stock.

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Rating: Name: shiva

I just switched from Paypal to iKobo because of the personalized small business feel of iKobo. Maybe it is because they are located in Georgia, that Southern Hospitality and all. Anyway I think that they are a real breath of fresh air. I would really like to recommend them to anyone and their shipping options are fantastic!

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Rating: Name: Rastaman

Everything is wrong with iKobo, when i initially opened my account, i have discussed with an operator (i was lucky to catch one online), and she told me that i can withdraw the money only using the ikard debit card they provide at the first purchase. I specifically asked where can this card be used and she said ONLY AT ATMs. I got the card, and as a suprise it was not working at any ATMs I've tried. But it was working to make online payments....I've tried to contact them several times and no reply. Avoid ikobo!

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Rating: Name: fising

I am developing and selling web design services and products, since PayPal is not available in Romania and in other countries iKOBO was the best solution, very low fees, available in many countries, perfect. I recommend this company and it`s services to everyone that wants to transfer money worldwide or for the ones that are selling products or services online.

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Rating: Name: tcmm

Their customer service is terrible, it took forever to get my affiliate funds (even after they said it would be handled within a few days), and blame it on a "technical" glitch! Then, they boot me from Commission Junction because they said "not enough signups per total clicks"????!?!??! What?!?!?! They weren't paying anything to get the clicks, so it was extra users for them. Hey Ikobo, I can't help it if my customers saw a crappy site and decided not to sign up!

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Rating: Name: diallist

After signing up for what they called a merchant account I received my first payment ONLY to find I needed to send a utility bill, birth certificate, driver's licence, credit card statement, letter from my bank, credit card contact info, PASSPORT, SOCIAL SECURITY card AND a bank statement, WHAT A CROCK! HORRIBLE service VERY misleading!!!!!!

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Rating: Name: 30pips

The site has some potential but needs proper support and some extra programming work.

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Rating: Name: kharvell

It's an easy to use system and you can send funds to more than one card at the same time.  iKobo is licensed by the TRUSTe Privacy Program which means they are in line with secure guidelines. Downsides? Well this service is only available to US customers which limits the customer base. There are also numerous fees (such as the Monthly Maintenance Fee) and you can only make transfers using a MasterCard or Visa credit card.

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Rating: Name: thatwasme

UNLIKE the (in my experience, EXPENSIVE and unreliable) Western Union, the site allows you to calculate the transfer fee BEFORE doing the transfer.

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Rating: Name: moneybags

Nothing but constant problems. We lose most of our sales because customers have problems paying through ikobo for a million of different reasons. They also tend to block accounts for no apparent reason.

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Rating: Name: Jwentro

I have a large family spread out in 9 countries. Now each of these families has atleast 1 if not 2 iKards to recieve money. Now we can send money to each other in less than 10 seconds....we love iKobo!

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Rating: Name: jharteam

iKobo helped me send money to my family in Peru. I am very happy with iKobo. It took only 3 days to get card to my family. Now they use it all the time. It was free for first time I send money. They are very good with making sure I'm happy. Many people in Peru use iKobo now.

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Rating: Name: Gandolf

I have found that the customer service at iKobo is very prompt. My business has been taken care of very well. I receive payment instantly, and only when I receive large purchases was I asked to provide additional information. Much easier than my former bank merchant account.

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Rating: Name: clockwork71

I am an ikobo user for more than a year and use their p2p service more than twice a month (I am working for a couple of overseas companies and they pay me through ikobo). I never had problems with their service. I always have been able to withdraw my salary and it comes pretty quick too. I love their ikard.

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Rating: Name: HipsterPipster

iKobo does not appear to be a scam, as many have suggested. However, it is a company with a number of technical and support problems and needs to do a great deal more to both expand its service offering and lower its fees.

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Rating: Name: acumen

i have ikobo account!it offers me well services!no setup fee,low trasfer fee.and it covers 240 contries,it is important for me.couse i can use it to trasfer money from china to USA.but other websites offers fund transfer such as paypal can not available in china.

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Rating: Name: Dr.Geppynius

I recommend this company and it`s services to everyone that wants to transfer money worldwide or for the ones that are selling products or services online.

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