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All Money transfer networks reviews. See below for Obopay reviews.

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Obopay Reviews

( Average rating:3)
Rating: Name: Dave2011

Guys, Obopay has been been a reliable way for me to get money to my friends and family. it beats out all other competitionand as indianguyinny pointed out "it's completely safe and is sponsored by a major bank". Obopay is by far the best prepaid card I've tested out

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Rating: Name: In Chicago

Looks like LAman (below) is having the same problems with Obopay that I am. When it works - it's nice, but they have so many failures that it is more of a pain than it is worth.

Obopay has repeatedly debited my regular bank account and failed to credit my Obopay accounts

Funds have vanished from my Obopay account without a trace

Obopay has failed to execute scheduled money transfers

Obopay has erased previously executed transactions from my account

I used to be a big supporter, but given the repeated failures that they have been unable to correct; potential customemrs should be extremely cautious about using this service.

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Rating: Name: LAman

I've had an Obopay account for several years now, in order to help out a needy family member who lives a couple of hours from here, so I know what I'm talking about. When Obopay works, it's great. WHEN IT WORKS, is the key!! The Obopay system is finicky. Sometimes I attempt to transfer money, and it simply 'doesn't work.' No good explanation. I've had situations where my checking account has been debited twice, and the money STILL didn't transfer over. Their customer service SUCKS- and the ones who can actually help you - guess what they DON'T work on the weekends (even though they advertise 7 days a week).

If it's critical, like EMERGENCY critical to be able to transfer money to a family member - DO NOT RELY ON Obopay!!!

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Rating: Name: Adam Summers

I think obopay is a worst merchant company i ve ever seen. The customer service so picky!! they always lock an account, ALWAYS, outta nothing! Always ask to confirm your Identity, i not saying its a bad thing, but they taking security to the ridiculous top level.

I ve been working with a lots of mobile merchants , but obopay is the worst. i had two friends, they signed up , and after 2 weeks , they got thrown out of obopay, and reason is , the mister obopay did not like them. How is that not ridiculous??? How can make money, when you getting rid of your own customers???? Take my advice people, Don't go there!

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Rating: Not rated Name: david lotz

saw a letter from the vp of marketing in this months pc world, and while i certainly do not need a prepaid card, i thought what the heck, so i went to their site, filled in all the blanks honestly and correctly, read a copied their 24 pages of terms, but when i clicked on the 'submit' thingy i got: "someone else is trying to apply right now/please try again later". EVERYTHING i put in they erradicated. so i eradicate them.

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Rating: Name: Michelle

OBOPAY SUCKS. I loaded my account at a cash load location. I needed a way to fund my bank account that located 50 miles away and does not take cash deposits. After loading my OBOPAY account I intiated a small transfer of twenty dollars. AFTER authorizing the "withdraw" to my real bank account a lil blurb pops up stating that it can take 2-4 business days for the transfer to be complete. Well 2 days didnt seem so bad even though I needed to fund my account right away. So, I initiated another transfer of $130.00 and the next day for $25.00. To make a long story short they released the small transfers to my bank within 2 days. 5 days later they still have not release the large transfer. Several calls to customer service I was told different things about when my funds would be made available to me, and given the run around. So right now, I need my money, but its out there somewhere out there in La la land unaccessible to me gaining interest for someone I am sure. So dont use OBOPAY if you plan to use them as a vessel to transfer money into a bank account (yours or someone else!)

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Rating: Name: chady250

I got this card because my son was going to Europe without us (he is 16). I wanted a card where I could send him money quickly and that had very low fees. In addition I wanted him to stop bugging me to use my card for his online purchases.Obopay did its job and was far cheaper than all of the other prepaid credit cards I found.

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Rating: Name: Srikanth

Obopay is an easy and convenient way to send and receive money, and the prepaid Mastercard option is a clever method of money management for teens. The service won't replace your wallet, however, and because of the many fees involved, hard cash may still be your best friend.

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Rating: Name: nAVIN2007

I've been using Obopay for a few months now, and so far it's been a reliable way for me to get money to my friends and family fast. The CC load fees seem kind of high, but everything else about the service is nice (especially the $5 referral bonus).Plus it looks like they're partnered with Citi and Verizon, so they've gotta be doing something right

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Rating: Name: kasper

this is a good service for those who don't have a credit card or want to limit their spending (for themselves or children). If Obopay can work out some of the kinks in their service, then I'm certain that they will become a formidable opponent to Paypal.

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Rating: Not rated Name: indianguyinny24

Obopay beats out the competition with minimal fees and the convenience of sending money through multiple sources. It's completely safe and is sponsored by a major bank. Obopay is by far the best prepaid card I've tested out besides AccountNow

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