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All Money transfer networks reviews. See below for Travelex reviews.

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Travelex Reviews

( Average rating:2.1111111111111)
Rating: Not rated Name: Richardo

BE WARNED the Travelex cash card does not work in the Netherlands. When a chip and pin card is required in Holland, they only accept their own Dutch bank cards. Very annoying at RR stations as their machines only accept coins, no Euro bills. Had to carry a pocket full of 2 Euro coins. Had bought their card card fir this express purpose, and when I called they were less than helpful.

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Rating: Name: Steve

I went through The rates are service were fantaxtic - unfortunately upon getting my credit card statement I learned that travelex charges the purchase as a cash advance, versus a normal purchase transaction. Bteween credit card advance fees and interest, I racked up over 10% in bank fees on the purchase. I will not be using this service ever again.

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Rating: SCAM Name: CLN

HORRIBLE!!! Purchased it at JFK airport in NYC. Could use it in very limited places. Could not reload it and could not get service at Travelex offices in Belgium, France or Italy. The online reload did not work either. Demanded a refund as soon as we got back to JFK. Theory is good- execution is AWFUL. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CARD!!!

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Rating: Not rated Name: kellyjam

Right now they are 1.25 $ to 1 Euro. The market is 1.40. Ok I know thats a bank trade rate. But 10.7% one way. There has to be a better way.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Carbonqueen

Could not activate card in The Netherlands, Belgium or France. Was not able to use it, period! No customer support in any country.

I went to ATMs and 3 different Travelex offices.

Came back to the US and tried to get full refund.

Several phone calls, two trips to a Houston office and I was finally refunded $80 less than I paid for the $500 package deal.

The corporate office in the UK was very difficult and only agreed to a refund after nearly an hour on the phone.

Still, they would not refund my money in real time.

The Houston office at 10777 Westheimer was very helpful and did what they could to help.

Do not buy this card. Do not expect customer service overseas. Do not expect a full refund if it doesn't work.

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Rating: SCAM Name: rubyd

A total ripoff. I went to them to get a prepaid travel Visa for an extended trip to Morocco. I clearly asked for that. They told me it would take a day to receive. I thought it was strange, but went along with it. When I went to pick it up, instead of a Visa card, I had Moroccan Dirhams. Thousands of dollars in dirhams. And at a very poor exchange rate. They stated I had a great exchange rate and no fees because of such a large dollar amount but their exchange rate ended up costing me over $300. That was a huge hit to my travel budget. I'm not happy.

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Rating: Name: PippiNole

My impression is they are merely trying to avoid a obligation. It's always interesting to me that I have pay my bills, but a big company can simply make up some reason not to pay theirs. I am initiating a law suit against them. Wish me luck.

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Rating: Name: moonchild

Travelex is great to exchange currency if you are going out of the country. You don't have to rely on those astronomical rates at the airports. Travelex has good parking considering its downtown and well worth the time to go there.

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Rating: Name: sirwolf

Might as well use your money to light your smokes than exchange it here. Get ready to grab your ankles! Wanted to change $8,000 but was going to cost me nearly $1,000 due to their dismal rates! The did offer to waive the 5.99 transaction fee thanks!

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Rating: Name: Akuma99

I went to Thailand a couple of years ago and got the travelex card it saved me money as I didn't have to keep paying to change the travel cheques you use as a debit card with a pin number I thought it was great but i did put all money on it at the airport, I have thinking about money on it monthly to try and save for my next hol but now having seconds as someone has commented they kept losing his money I will inquire.

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Rating: Name: magnumfreak

If you are looking for a company who you can trust and rely on when you call them for help, look elsewhere.

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Rating: Name: OrangeRoshan

A lot of companies sell travel insurance this one showed me they will pay claims if that is needed, and do it without messing around.

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Rating: Name: Why Oh Why

Try anything not to pay claims.  Always call and get an OK if the  trip dates change as a result of delays otherwise you are not covered.

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Rating: Name: tathlynq

I work as a tour leader in africa. i use my travelex card throughout east and southern africa including kenya, tanzania, malawi, uganda, zambia, zimbabwe, botswana, south africa at visa cash machines and in some larger stores. It works well as long as you dont rely on it as your only source of cash as some times the visa machines are offline for international transactions. It is more flexible than travellers cheques here wich are often hard to cash and subject to poor exchange rates. The only place i dont use it is zimbabwe where the forex rates on the card make it unusable but that is true for any credit card or tc. I would reccomend it to bring alongside a good stock of post 2000 us dollars (the one with the large heads on them). Really the key is to have a number of different sources of cash here so when one doesnt work you can use the other.

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Rating: Name: malcolmb14

Trading money through a foreign exchange company is one of the worst financial transaction you can make. They make money by charging a percent of the difference of the going rate so you will always lose 35% of your money each time you change it into a different currency. Better to use your ATM and or VISA once you arrive in the country you are traveling to. If you return with money and need to change it back you choice are limited. Many of the larger banks use travelex to change foreign currency as well so you sill lose the variance. convenience is the factor you should cnosider.

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Rating: Name: alcando

Travel money with safety but flawed design, not always accepted

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Rating: Name: CanuckCT

Travelex Currency Converter will calculate conversions between around 40 currencies, based on their retail buy rates. Travel Money allows you to order currency and/or travellers cheques, exchanging Sterling.

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Rating: Name: Bones

No ATM in any airport charges what these people charge to get foreign currency. To change money back when you come back you need to go through them but I try to not use cash and come back with so little that I'll save it until next time.

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Rating: Name: for_idea

I have not used Travelex in the US. But my bank allows me to purchase foreign currency if given enough time. you can get a better rate. Check with your bank before your next trip.

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Rating: Name: Willowgal

In the end they paid. I had to cancel a trip to India. I had all of the required documentation, etc. Their response was slow but with less than courteous assistance and a less than forthcoming attitude they paid the claim. My traveling companion was also treated rudely. In general, when purchasing travel insurance, become VERY educated about the coverage.

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