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All Money transfer networks reviews. See below for Western Union reviews.

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Western Union Reviews

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Rating: SCAM Name: Western Union Ruined Christmas

"They have ruined my Christmas."

My sister was sending me money for Christmas that I was going to use to pay a doctor's bill. She used a credit card to do this. When I am finally able to get a ride to the store to pick it up I am told that she had to call and validate the information. She calls and they tell her they canceled it for security purposes. I call them and asked why they don't validate the information before the person goes to get the money. The first guy I talk to Ignores my question. I demand a supervisor and when I finally get one he tells me that it's protocol. No one is able to explain to me the logic behind it. Every other thing the guy said is I am sorry for the inconvenience even though after the third or fourth time he said that I told him to stop.I just got word from my sister that the information they needed to validate was her SSN and Dob which as far as she knows has never changed but still wouldn't work. Now they won't give the money back until the 23rd even though it only took 30 seconds to take the money. How are they legally able to take money from an account that isn't validated? I think this whole thing is crazy and their customer service sucks. Not a single person there is easy to understand due to thick accents. Both me and my sister talked to a total of 6 different people between the two of us and all of them are Indian. The dots not feathers. I have nothing against any race of people but believe that if you are working customer service the customer should be able to understand you fully. To top this off when I asked for someone I could file a complaint with they only gave me a mailing address and not the website information. These people are shady and I have never been so hurt by a company's stupidity before. I will never use this "service" again. So now not only do I not have $50 I am also out the gas money to go to the store.

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Rating: SCAM Name: nico arel;lano

I sent 1800 dollars and they placed a hold on cash and then they where giving me a hard time on questions towards me about my identity and then they denied my transfer because I did not tell them what they wanted to hear. WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!!

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Rating: Name: myopinion

Sending money online with CC did not work for me. The transaction was refused for no reason (the site told me to try later, which I did but no avail).

It is "easier" to go to an in-person place/service.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Terry McDonald

Denied transfer for no reason but they put hold on money before declining me. Had to wait five five days for hold to clear from my bank. In the meantime my friend was stranded in a town with a broken down car.

The process was slow and the company was a waste of time. Went to Walmart and sent the money for half the cost. I will never use western union again.

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Rating: Not rated Name: FRAUDULENT COMPANY

Sent money to son in England, they refused to pay for no reason, they refused to refund afeter giving me the run around, now they want to keep the money they charged for doing nothing, a toral scam, that is how they make their money, You paid them to tranfer, they do not deliver, when you ask for a refund they keep the high feed they charge. They should stop this fraud being perpetuated to the american consumer

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Rating: SCAM Name: Lance A

What a waste of time signing up for an online Western Union account. Declined my transaction with absolutely no explanation why. The credit card was fine. I think you just can't send money to Ukraine online and would have loved to know this before wasting so much of my damn time including having to wait several days to get a confirmation code in the mail.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Salman Qadir

I am damm upset this piece of shit Western Union online service such a high profile company but so cheap services including cheap and rude people to serve phone line what type of they r giving is totally bullshit..... :'(

I used their online service after watching their TVad

it was reallu urgent to send money back home because my relative was in hospital it was 11th hour

I got decline just for no reason and they dont tell why.???

and alos they deducted money from my personal bank account

and also they are not responding of my emails ......when I say them refund my money

what can I do tell me ..... :(

any helper .????

I recommend all of them don't use this piece of shit use other service to send money

western Union totally sucks ... .!.



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Rating: SCAM Name: WU not good

I was led to and told in order to transfer money i needed to sign up for a gold card, so I did. Every time I transfer money, I have to call a number in order for it to go through since someone else has the same name. Every time I call they give me a hard time. They told me to change my name online which did't work. I called back and they asked for a manager and was treated very rude and MNGR William told me to cancel my account. Also, I was given points only for 1 transaction and I've made many transactions. I highly recommend to use a different company to transfer money. Don't waste your time

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Rating: SCAM Name: screwed by WU

A friend attempted to send me 2500 dollars while I was on vacation out of state. He knew i would pay him back when I returned. It was declined because my license had a middle initial and they said it was not sent that way. They gave me a number to have him call. He did. They asked him a bunch a personal questions and declined the transfer. Meanwhile I was trying to talk to WU and was trf 20 times put on hold and dealt with people with no clue. He could not resubmit and I was stuck out of town with no money. They said a red flag was sent up and could not elaborate on details. My friend and I are both offended and will never use them again. I fealt like I was in Germany in the early 1940'S We both had proper ID and I even had my social security card with me. They asked my friend how long he knew me? What I needed the money for? When was the last time he saw me?

He told them he knew me. The still declined it.

Not only that. When I was on the phone with them they told me that one of their collegues had to interview me. I think they meant interrogate. I was transferred and i asked the gentleman to speak up twice because i could not hear him and he cut me off. I had taken a taxi there and the driver had to wait over an hour along with the 20 minutes it took to get their and back from where i was staying. I had to pay for this and barely had enough to do so.

The transfers, being put on hold and the incompetence. I called back and let 2 supervisors hear about it. I will never ever use Western Union again.

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Rating: Name: Mkenya Mmoja

I like western union, but this time it is failing me, I have tried it for 4 hours now, but it is still down

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Rating: SCAM Name: umut

My transaction was declined without any explanation. The only word they say is "security". I called them, and I'm being forwarded 3 times. I talked with 4 people and nobody knew why my transaction was considered as security-purpose decline.

They will refund my money but they won't refund my lost 3 days.

They offered me 50% discount for the future transactions. I declined the offer since I will never use such an unstable, unreliable and irresponsible system.

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Rating: SCAM Name: skela

I tried to send money online twice,got decined both times. Reasons: For my safety. The customer service represantative kept saying that all over again. So why offer service when it doesnt work. My card is perfectly good and it has enough money to cover the charges 10 times if needed.They are just so damn useless,ask for a whole bunch of unnecessary shit and its supposed to be ëasier . Photo ID,passport,this and that and god knows whats going on with the information after that. I was put on hold 3 different times for at least 20 minuties and no response so I have to simply hang up. Simply outragous. And whats pissing me off the most is that they cant even provide a reason-its pretty much like they are convincing me that its for my own good that the transfer is canceled.

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Rating: Not rated Name: Sal Gal

And the more I think about it - like how many people have had their cards declined for no reason.......What is Western Union now doing with ALL of our information??????????????????

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Rating: Not rated Name: N

Couldn't understand anything rep said. Then the supervisor said the card was declined and wanted to know who was in my house while I was talking to them!!!!!!!!! Incredible.

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Rating: Not rated Name: SalGal

No one there can speak intelligible English. They declined TWO perfectly good cards. They would not tell me why. They are insulting and obtuse. After nearly 40 minutes on the phone with two reps and a supervisor, I finally gave up. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER.

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Rating: Not rated Name: Diana Minear

Wired $4,300.00 to the UK and it sent fine. Then tried to wire an additonal $5,700.00 amd it was denied stating it was all a scam. They have no facts, no one will give names and id's or be responsible for the denial. They defame the receiver and humiliate the sender and I thought I lived in America. Are we so desperate to keep monies in the States that we make Americans life horrible difficult. May they have a family member aborad one day in trouble and not be able to send them money. Horrible experience, May they get sued often. This is an outrage.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Frank

Its really urgent to send money but westernunion agent over the phone declined the transaction due to invalid phone number i call them up from my cell other than my home phone which is actually registered its really unacceptable why they are offering such blunder offers online transfer,

anyone who had previously successfully send money over the phone with WU can explain what sort of verification question they might ask you while transfring money over the phone?


have a good day

email comments at [email protected]

please anyone

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Rating: SCAM Name: Janet

Western Union online takes your money and wastes your time WITHOUT providing a service. They are doing this knowingly because with so many complaints over so many years, this is NOT an oversight, it's deliberate.

They should be reported to the FRAUD SQUAD.

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Rating: Name: ijduwa

Curomer service is so bad. too many technical errors online. Operators do not listen nor understand. Operatos couldn't understand why I am sending money to my own bank account. They said I should just go and deposit but they can't understand that my bank is local and I have moved out off the state. Operator said that I should send my money to an agent and then pick it up. Really?

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Rating: SCAM Name: Mina

DO NOT USE! I wired money to my supplier in China using the business solutions branch. The money still hasn't gotten there after 2 weeks! And may never get there. Customer service is useless as well.

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Rating: SCAM Name: qwapzy

Western Union is a disgusting, useless, dehumanized, bureaucratic mess. I went to a Western Union branch to pick up a transfer. The agent spent a good ten minutes typing into the computer, told me to wait five minutes, then spent another ten minutes typing, then finally said, "It doesn't function. Call Western Union customer service." It's then impossible to reach a customer service human on the phone. The agents you finally talk to are robots who ignore everything you say, give no useful information, and constantly repeat something meaningless: "We apologize for this inconvenience. Go into any Western Union branch to pick up your money." I repeated this stupid charade twice, paying for exactly eight international phone calls. At the same time my family, attempting to wire send me money abroad, was experiencing the same agony stateside.

Never rely on Western Union if you're stranded abroad without money. They are an evil failure. Instead I was forced to rely on the generosity of strangers, which was much easier and much nicer.

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Rating: SCAM Name: daphger

I attempted four times, over two days to receive a transfer in Germany. Every single time: it doesn't function, and we don't know why it doesn't function.

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Rating: Name: John

I attempted to send money from the USA to Brazil using the online system and the transaction was denied. The system informed me that I can only send the money from an agency. WTF?

I contacted them and was given an obtuse reason based on identity fraud. I asked if there was a way that I could remedy the problem and they essentially said no. They informed me that their system uses data trends and data analysis to identify problems with a transaction. They could not tell me anything about the "analysis" performed without jeopardizing my security and /or the integrity of their system.

I think that they just prefer cash-in-hand.

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Rating: Not rated Name: NK

The online service is definitely horrible. Never worked for me. I will never use this service ever again. Terrible waste of time. Each customer service representative gives a different reason why your transaction did not go through and where to find the proper information on the website. Which I did not happen to find even while talking to them on phone.

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Rating: Name: Abe

"So incredibly obtuse and not worth the time"

I've used Western Union before, but they've recently started using a phone verification process that's incredibly futile and worthless. I had been told that the only way for me to send money online would be to verify my identity using a phone number. When I provided my cell phone number to the agent (which I have had as an active line for nearly 11 years) - I was then told that the number could not be verified through the third party agency. I understand the need for security and I applaud their interest in providing customers with excellent fraud protection, however, that should constantly be juxtaposed against the interest of keeping customers in the first place. If I wasn't comfortable assuming some risk at all, I would take the money to the location myself under armed guard, however, that's neither convenient nor realistic, therefore I choose to use the service, as I have many times before.

Although seemingly a minor issue, put into context, this was serious to me as it was a complete waste of a half hour and apparently they ended up sending the request to my bank even when it wasn't approved. Basically, they told my bank to take the money out, then tried to verify my identity, then because I have my phone number unlisted, they couldn't go ahead with the transfer. At this point, I would've been annoyed anyway because of the wasted time, but on top of that I now have a significant amount of money withdrawn from my account for no reason whatsoever, and that money doesn't come back for another 10 days!

So at the conclusion of it all, they told me that my only alternative would be to physically go to a Western Union Location and send the money using cash, i.e. "Send money long as you have a phone number that can be verified using______."

Until they change this ridiculous policy without expending the energy to think it through an additional level, I refuse to ever use Western Union again. Instead I went with

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Rating: SCAM Name: Take the money and run

I tried to send money to an acquaintance, a chronically homeless woman I know. She lives far away and my car is in disrepair. I used Western Union to send her $25. It cost me $5! I asked the phone rep before the transaction if it would be a problem since she may not have a photo ID. No problem. Well it was a problem. Fine. I'm in banking. I know the risks. She called and said the WU rep at her location suggested using a security question. I called back. No can do. Why? Because I sent the money over the Website. Can I go to a location here and give the code word? No. Can you send me an email, which is on my account and I could respond with the code word? No. Change the person to receive it, they say. There is no other, I say. I ask where online does it say I can't give a code word. They can't answer, and when I press them, I get hung up on. Can I get a full refund? No. They keep the five bucks. I called a supervisor. He tells me to hold to find the information, and suddenly I'm connected to someone else with the same story. In the end I talked to 5 or 6 people with no results, even calling the location, which was a Hannaford's Supermarket. They said they couldn't give out information about Western Union! ???? They pleaded the fifth! I will be making a complaint to the Banking Division of the New York Atty Gen's Office, and the BBB, and anywhere else I can get the message to other people that WU is a worthless service.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Jamie

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE service!!! I have attempted to make 3 transfers in the last 2 weeks with these clowns and have had nothing but problems on EVRY SINGLE TRANSACTION!!! Try to set up an online account and you'll get caught in a loop on theri website. Wait for the PIN to be mailed to complete online account verification and when the code arrives, the website does not recognize it and you must request yet ANOTHER PIN!!! VERY frustrating when you are paying EXTREMELY HIGH FEES for so-called service!! Not to mention the Indians who barely speak English! I have spent countless HOURS on the phone trying to rectify a declined transaction because I answered a question incorrectly during the third transfer approval process. Nothing like having your debit card tied up with 2 transactions while Western Union "investigates". Luckily, my bank allowed me to file a scam alert against the declined transaction to free up my credit line again! Needless to say...WESTERN UNION SUCKS!!!!!! Go with PayPal and forget the losers who don't know anything other than to read off a card!

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Rating: Name: Harry

Western Union is useless. I use their services often and everytime i do i get a double charge on credit card. I then have to go through the process of calling them up and having them fix it...

Thats the easy part. When you get someone incompetent - be ready to give up your day explaining it to them.

I now use my bank and pay twice as much in fee's not to use Western Union.

I will never send my business back to them.

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Rating: Not rated Name: aggravated

Employee at Western Union and 41 st Lexington Manhattan was very Unprofessional and had a nasty attitude, was in shock at how she treats customers.

She should learn how to speak to customers do not know how they hired her for the job with that kind of attitude did not want to help.

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Rating: SCAM Name: dc

totally crap, never works online, overpriced for what they offer.

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Rating: SCAM Name: sol

This is by far a terrible service, online never worked for me, and when i try to delete people from my address book nothing happens. And when I go to send money the webpage doesn't fully load! Do not use western union! I wont be surprise if all the people rating 5 stars, probably work there.

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Rating: Not rated Name: steve

Could not verify phone number although i gave them two different numbers to try. unable to do online. what is the point of an online service if it does not work?

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Rating: Not rated Name: paul

Western union and their agents are scam. I sent money to my brother in Africa. He went to pick it and the bank couldnt find the transaction. I called up western union and they said "oh sorry it was sent to a different country" the agent said he can't help so am in dilemma. Money is still trapped. Am gonna take western union to court for damages. Can someone help

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Rating: Not rated Name: John

Western Union service is good, reliable, and fast. Their prices are on the high-end.

I will not use Xoom any more because the customer service is rude.

Money Gram has been good to me and their prices are competetive.

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Rating: Not rated Name: Orsolya Szabo

with Western Union I tried to transfer online, the connection broke. I called them and I was told that the money will be back on my account in a few days. As the money never arrived back to my account, I started calling them and it turned out it will take UP TO TWO MONTH that they send the money back. It is not written anywhere in the terms and conditions that they can hold up the money for so long. I had to pay bills with that, and of course I cannot go on saying that I will pay my bills two months later. WESTERN UNION IS STEALING MONEY!

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Rating: SCAM Name: Bobby

The other day I sent $130 online via Western Union to a guy for online services; he is not located within the USA. Everything went fine...with Western Union, and the online services that I purchased. So I wanted to order more services from this guy. I tried to send him money via Western Union's online portal again just TWO DAYS LATER and after I entered all of my information they said they could not process the transaction online or over the phone. So I called them up and asked them why. They said they were unable to verify my identity and that I needed to go to my local WU Agent. This REALLY pissed me off. Two days ago they could verify my identity without any problems but now they cannot? Give me a break!

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Rating: Not rated Name: Charlene

Port Coquitlam WEstern Union red flagged my $ and saved me from losing out on 3000.00. Questionalbe homestay scam .. cheque looked good, bank said it had cleared but it takes 1-2 weeks for them to really know.. It seemed a bit off to me and the girl at western union was very helpful and I had a phone call back within the hour saying they were refunding the whole amount plus fee.. Beward of home stay scams - check phone number on internet, don't ever take more money than necessary up front, and especially if there seems to be a number of people involved.. good luck .. and if they want to deal with Western union, be wary...thanks

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Rating: Not rated Name: Donna

My daughter sent cash direct to her brother-in-law's bank because she was joining his family soon in that country. The money never went through and now she is in that country with no money. Now her agent cannot help her and after several phone calls to Western Union she was told she needed to come back to the US to pick up her money because it's now considered a return. My family is beside ourselves and very upset!

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Rating: Name: lonespruce

Too expensive. 47 for a transfer of 800 into a Swiss bank is outrageous.

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Rating: Name: Pirin

I used western union to send money to my brother who live in another place and needed to do that as soon as possible so i used western union,transfer was successful within minutes already and my brother could pick it but really they charge unreasonable rates.

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Rating: Name: goodthings

I needed cash from my bank account in the UK to be transferred to Boston USA within 24 hours. I was told the cash would be available in 15 minutes, which I was really pleased with, however when my friend went to the agent to collect the cash he was told that he could not get cash so a cheque was issued. The cheque was presented at the Bank in Boston and it took 7 days to clear. This cash was needed to catch an urgent flight home. I would not use them again.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Turveyd

Western Union Money Transfer is too expensive and every time I try to transfer online I always get a message to call them which takes a long time holding and is also very expensive from hotels or foreign countrys.

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Rating: Name: psiholog

I have tried sending money with Western Union money transfer service, I purchased a downloadable digital (electronic files) book and software from which is located at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Well at first I have this doubt that I may not receive my purchased items due to any circumstances may occur such as fraud and other things that we usually doubts about. Well, I took the risk and send money using Western Union service, well after an hour of completing transaction I checked my email and found a new mail with a link where I can download the items I ordered. Well, Western Union has an option of secure money transferring they will ask you for a password with it and the recipient also have to know the password to make the transaction safe and secure. They only charges me 5% of the money I send, well at least I got my book and software that really matters.

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Rating: Name: VishalJ

My advice to money sender out there if you have emergency remittance dont trust western union They Sucks specially overseas transaction.

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Rating: Name: mktjong

Why do Western Union bother to offer online money transfers? I am a US citizen and had gone through the whole setup to wire money to Italy, including the credit card approval. Then I had to call them to verify. But because I was not in the US at that moment, they would not approve the transfer. Where is the convenience? I will have to go to a local office where I am now travelling, and pay additional foreign transaction fee charges. I wonder if Western Union gets a cut of the foreign transaction fee from credit card companies. It's still the same credit card and the same US funds.

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Rating: SCAM Name: ghous

Western Union Money Transfer On line service is terrible. After the issuing the PIN number they would ask for photo ID, to be faxed to Irland and they will hold the money until then. Transaction can not be cancelled or refunded until photo ID is faxed. Never ever use this company on line.

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Rating: Name: eyevoltage

I wired money to the States with Western Union, and I was told by the agent that the receiver would need to bring ID to collect. It turns out they need more than ID. The FX rate means that you can lose up and over another 10 dollars on top of the 14.00 Sterling you have paid to send it.

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Rating: SCAM Name: brxxt

Western Union Money Transfer is not appreciative of people who have been loyal to them despite all the other companies who now have the same product at less the fee. If you think that Western Union is a convenience for you and your loved ones whom you send money to think again. I felt the same way, until the declined me for no valuable reason.

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Rating: Name: Nobitacu

After my recipient had gone to 3 different locations in San Francisco, Western Union told her they did not have cash on hand. I called Western Union to ask what was going on. They said that this happens sometimes, but they recommended 2 places to me that would CERTAINLY have the cash on hand. I even called one location directly right afterwards, to make doubly sure they had the cash on hand. They promised that they did, but of course when my recipient got there, NO CASH. They offer to write a check for you, but obviously if you are using Western Union, having cash available on time is what you are PAYING for. I paid $119.00 for this "service", when clearly I should have just Fed Exed her a check myself and saved $100.00. I am upset because I did NOT get what I paid for.

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Rating: SCAM Name: alcando

Way too expensive, and sending money online is not nearly as easy or effective as they claim it to be. After calling them to verify my data over the phone, they had no record of my call and cancelled my transaction.

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Rating: Name: s3padrian

This is probably the most reliable money remittance service worldwide. My Aunts have been using it to send money for Mom; most of the time money transfer which goes directly to her bank other times my Mom has to pick it up from Western Union agents. But its really reliable. When it says, 3 days, it actually means 3 days; no more no less. Unlike with other remittance companies that promise overnight delivery, but that doesnt include weekends and holidays. Western Union has local or domestic remittance and I have used it to send money to a friend in Puerto Galera when she lost her wallet. I sent the money and within minutes she was able to receive it. She just went to the Western Union branch to pick up the money. No fuss actually, the recipient just needs the control number.

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Rating: Name: birdt

I recently sent money to Nigeria and the transfer was 'compromised' within the Lagos banking system. I reported this and the problem was resolved quickly. I wish to strongly commend the way in which the problem was handled by Western Union with particular thanks to the agent I dealt with. She not only called me back when she said she would but ensured that the receiver had the money in time to pay the school fees.

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Rating: SCAM Name: BIL2205

After spending numerous hours trying to make the USELESS work on different browsers, OS'es and even different computers, I gave up and called WU's useless phone system. After 27 minutes of hell I finally got through to someone alive! (wow). Got my money transferred. The fee was $20 for the transfer and nearly $4 for the birthday greeting message. The message was NOT read on the other end to the recipient as I found out a couple days later. BEWARE! Western Union charges you for services that are not provided! Most people will never inquire the recipient whether the greeting was read. I was "lucky" because there was a witness who told me no one read any greeting to the recipient. There was no written greeting given to the recipient either. Western Union simply cheated me out of $4. Not the money that matters, but the treatment of the customer. NEVER AGAIN!

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Rating: SCAM Name: goonergonebad

Website did not work in my normal browser. Very expensive. You have to call anyway to confirm, so you might as well just call! Took three attempts to send US$18 which took 30 minutes and cost US$12. Website crashes when trying to track if money has been collected. I would urge people to use PayPal at much less cost and very little hassle and MORE safe.

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Rating: Name: Ari Gold

I have successfully sent money to Russia and Belarus. I went to an agent, filled in the form and paid cash. Everything proceeded smoothly. I haven't tried their web or telephone service. To avoid disappointment, get the form in advance and make sure you fill in all the details correctly. However it is expensive, because of 1) high charges, 2) poor exchange rates. A cheaper option is a bank transfer (SWIFT), but that is slower and requires more paperwork. Consider the alternatives before using Western Union.

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Rating: Name: MPP

I sent a Western Union transfer over the website. I started with signing up for my online profile and then went through the steps of sending to my friend. At the end of the process I had to call in to complete my transfer. I called in and got an awesome operator and he had to take me through the "Customer Identity Protection Process" and asked me a few questions. Even though you have to go through a little bit more, I'm happy they did it. It makes sure that my money is safe and I'll gladly pay the extra fees to make sure I don't get credit card fraud!

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Rating: Name: chonchy

I attempted to do an online transfer, and I provided all the necessary information, including home phone number, valid credit card and secret question etc., only to have to call in. After calling, Western Union declined to make the transfer because they said they could not verify my phone number. I called from a phone away from home. They did not bother to ask for any other verification, and would not divulge why they could not verify my home number (the number was easily verifiable), they would not divulge how they were trying to verify my phone number (I suspect they just use call display, and because I was calling from a number other than my home phone number they would not make any effort to verify my home). This does not make sense, since other vendors will accept a credit card payment without such verification.

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Rating: Name: maheswara

this is the most fastest, reliable and secure money transfer method in the world. It is so simple to send and receive money. So use it and recommend to others. Thanks

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