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All Money transfer networks reviews. See below for XOOM reviews.

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XOOM Reviews

( Average rating:2.525)
Rating: SCAM Name: RAHUL S

I was referred by a friend to I signed up for the account using the link my friend forwarded me. I made a transaction on the same day. Transaction was completed within 2 days and as soon as transaction was completed i received an email saying Congratulations for participating in the Xoom Refer a Friend Program! We are in the process of validating your transaction.Once approved, within the next 12 days you will receive a $25 electronic gift code redeemable online at Amazon. The friend that referred you to Xoom will receive a $25 reward as well.It has been almost a month. i have been calling to helpline every time i call the helpline they keep saying the same thing oh you are qualified for the offer we already escalate the issue with our business partner it will take 24-48 hours for you to get confirmation email and another 10 days to receive your gift card. Myself and my friend we both haven't received anything yet.

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Rating: SCAM Name: kirin

worst experience i had with XOOM. I transfered money to india $2500 on Sept 30 and the money have't deposited till 6th october when ever i contacted them they are telling it is deposited in to my account eventhough i showed them the proof of my bank statement that the money is not deposited they are telling they are looking in to the issue and the process is like a snail run which i don't know how much long will it takes.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Kalyan

Request everyone NOT to use XOOM. The service is terrible and it is a Biiiig Scam!

What every they show in the website is false.

All the status they show are false..they are fooling us...You can still use it ..if you are asking for trouble!

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Rating: Name: luis

I send money to Colombia and after a week the money still did not reach the destination, cancel the order and I had to wait another week to have my money

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Rating: Not rated Name: Kairi

This forum needed skhanig up and youÂ’ve just done that. Great post!

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Rating: Name: SF Frank

I use Xoom to send money to Peru and find it very easy. I think your experience depends all on what country you are sending to. Just because you can send it to a certain country doesn't mean you should. Always use caution with the known issue countries and you will be fine. How many times has a letter been lost in the mail for you? Probably more than your money was lost sending it online. Just pick and choose wisely. I use it to send money weekly and have no issues for 2 months.

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Rating: Name: Xooomy

When it comes to Adobe Flash.....There's a XOOM for that!

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Rating: Name: Xoom Don't care for your money

Would you trust you money over the internet to some company that manipulate your information for 3 days and still no solve your urgent need of getting the money to your love ones. No rigth! I did! and once they screwed up they would blame it to their sistem and would only get customer services over seas. Some where in India. I made a bad mistake. I you see scams every day in USA! what can you expect from individuals that not even live in this contry and what they can do with your information. Don't not what to do! I already screwed up this one.

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Rating: Name: Bad Bad Service

Xoom inefficient, no reliable service. Once they got your money! they don't care if it gets in timy to your recipient. They immediately blame it to other parties or tecnichal issues. 3 day and they have been able to solve my transaction that is going urgent for a sick person in my contry. They nither cancel the transaction or make effective; leaving you in the limbo. There are better agencies like: Ria Envia.

Xoom es ineficiente, no es confiable. Una vez tiene tu dinero no les importa si llega a tiempo a tu destinatario. Ellos inmediatamente culpan a los sistemas y a problemas tecnicos. 3 dias y no han podido resolver my transaccion que va urgente para una persona enferma en mi pais. Ni hacen effectiva la transaccion ni la cancelan; dejandote en el limbos. Son mejores otras agencias como: Ria Envia.

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Rating: Name: John

I used Xoom several times to send $100 or so every few months to family abroad. One day Xoom canceled my account for no valid reason and was very rude and unwilling to even attempt to resolve the issue.

I do not like Xoom and their customer service is rude and unhelpful.

I started using Money Gram, and have used Western Union with no issues.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Ajay

This is the worst service which i have seen in my life.10 days back i have sended the money to india but still the amount was not deposited in the Indian answer from the customer service the same E-Mails....They r the big Scammers ......Please dont trust these Xoom people.

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Rating: Name: Paul Melhus

I have used Xoom successfully in the past - but I was changing my address and had a problem validating a credit card so I deleted it, thinking if I reentered it the problem would be addressed.

It turns out, once you enter a card and then delete it, you can never re-enter it. Their solution is for me to phone my bank and have a new card issued. This is supposedly for security, but the rep had no explanation how this helped security. So Xoom sucks and should be nominated as the stupidest company on the planet.

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Rating: Not rated Name: forourright

When you read these messages, you should know that some of them are hired to work for XOOM. I just used XOOM about two weeks ago, XOOM transfer my money from my account but never send to my family in China. When I keep to call for their customer office, they had all the same answer and replied me the same email. It has taken about two weeks. When I asked for refund, they sent an email to me said my family picked the money up. I called my family to make sure it is true. My family said The post office in China did not business with XOOM, so my family never got the money. I called again to the customer service for evidence. They stop to same the same kind of email.

So every body should watch out, you can not trust XOOM. You are not going lose your money, but your personal information + your bank financial information + your family's information will been used as part of XOOM business. Be careful!

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Rating: Not rated Name: forourright

When you read these messages, you should know that some of them are hired to work for XOOM. I just used XOOM about two weeks ago, XOOM transfer my money from my account but never send to my family in China. When I keep to call for their customer office, they had all the same answer and replied me the same email. It has taken about two weeks. When I asked for refund, they sent an email to me said my family picked the money up. I called my family to make sure it is true. My family said The post office in China did not business with XOOM, so my family never got the money. I called again to the customer service for evidence. They stop to same the same kind of email.

I need help.

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Rating: Name: Joe Hall

The Best, Fast, efficient and cheap ! Hope they get back to China transfers soon !

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Rating: Not rated Name: Kay is very Bad service! first transaction got canceled! they call me and then sent me a email saying to send my personal documents like bank statements and a photo id!

after i faxed this information i waited for 2 days for answer then call costumer service! and then i got a reply from the verification team and asked me just to give them a call so they can verify my account was again!

well after i call took me 1 day to reach them! first i call 10 am when i was taking a brake on my job! and i finish my meal with the phone and hands 45 minutes! never got a answer from them! i when back to work!

during night i call them back again and 20 minutes waiting i didn't wanted to make it like the morning 45.

next day call and decide to wait for about the hour to see what was going on because i was scared the steal my information because i had already sent my personal documents to them! well the guy told me after all.

You will never have more problems with us and you will be able to sent money without going throw all this process again!

Guess wat? they lie to me i try to do the transaction ones again and got canceled just like the first one!

thank you Xoom

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Rating: Not rated Name: kervy

wow these guys suck their customer service is just a joke, i was trying to get them to verify my id after about 3 cancelled transactions, you have to tease the information out at every stage and the there is just no expanation at all on why its cancelled and what you need to do, i called them as well and had just as little success, i think that they feel knowledge is key but on a need to know basis with the emphasis being that you dont need to know. Well right now the frustration is amazing, i thought that this would be a really convinient way to pay but its just turned into a never ending nightmare and they have still not answered my question after about 12 e-mails. I have a good credit history but i never experienced such a challenge to beg somebody to take my money before :)

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Rating: Name: Cuauhtemoc

Xoom very Bad service. I normally send money to Mexico (around 10 times), but with one transaction I have a problem, my destination person never received the money, I called to Xoom and they start and investigation, after 4 hours they said my transaction was sent to Colombia and paid the money, I never send to Colombia, I sent the money to Mexico, I received a very bad customer service from Xoom any person that answered me doesn't has customer service skills. I am very angry and disappointing. I never will be use this service again.

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Rating: Name: Magix

Send money to 40 countries around the world with Xoom's speedy service. There are plenty of options in order to send money including credit card, cash and cheque. You can transfer your money online which makes for an easy to use system, and it's quick to register. The person you're sending to won't need to have a bank account in order to receive funds. Any not so good points? This service is limited to people with a US bank account, so it is limited. Watch out for the fees as well they are not stated clearly on the website, so make sure you don't get stung. The maximum transfer amount is $2999 which is slightly higher than most money transfer services, so that may attract some customers. Xoom is also regulated by federal law so you know you're in secure hands.

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Rating: Name: Dale

Compare the saving with the delay, it is not worthy. It takes too long to process and deposit money. I transfered money to China. After 7 days the money is still on the way.

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Rating: Name: goonergonebad

Xoom is very honest and reliable. I see some negitive comments but it seem to be around that persons credit problems. I have good credit and I have never had a problem. I send money throught my checking and debit cards. I am sending money to a small island in the middle of no where and they get it fast.

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Rating: Name: Traex

They say, in my opnion and as far as I Understod (check at that the money will be at destination in few minutes...big lie. Its been four to five days since I sent money to Brazil. Costumer service?maybe 40 minutes wainting on line. And my money? after four to five days still not there yet. Will any money ever make to its destiny? I don't know. I have no idea, cause the costumer service is taking too long to anwser my call and I have to go to work make another money to send to my kids aniversary.

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Rating: Name: Trumpcard

I do not give this company more than another 5 months before they close their doors. They have all the elements for failure: bad service, no support, nothign seems to work. I used to hate Western Union, but after XOOM I completely changed my mind. Xoom stinks!!!

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Rating: Not rated Name: 59fender

Xoom cancelled my transfer $100 from verified paypal to US bank without any reason, now i have to wait 4 business days for refund. Xoom sucks

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Rating: Not rated Name: winston

My Xoom account was used without my permission to send three money transfers which I never authorized. I just want my voice heard their site is so not secure. Something went wrong with my account and it temporarily ruined my bank account too. I no longer will deal with xoom and I would not recommend them to anyone. It was ok for one year but someone hacked it and used my info to send money. I never even got an email alert of the bad fraud transactions. All done on 1508. First of all Xoom should have checked with me because if they would have noticed I dont send such large amounts ever, its not secure at all because they didnt even think a thing of it till I reported it and that upsets me. So if you wanna risk your checking account being potentially debited almost 2,000.00 USD without your consent go ahead otherwise avoid this site.

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Rating: Name: sharon_gpl

XOOM is a very easy and affordable way to send money to your friends and love ones. Avoid waiting in lines and do transactions while you are in your pajamas. I have been recommending it to most of my friends and I would not mind recommending it to others as well.

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Rating: Not rated Name: bmwboyee

Be very cautious if someone or some company asks you to send money by zoom. This is how I got cheated of $200 by an online bait and switch company. Xoom has no proper contact address or people you can call or deal with frauds.

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Rating: Name: piptechnician

As a customer, what I look for in a business is their excellent service, and Xoom lacking that, will not be expecting me using their services again anytime soon.

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Rating: Name: mirex

Great service to those people who are always busy.. Very Reliable and I can send money anytime anywhere. For me its fast and great service.

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Rating: Name: Designer1

Never start a replacement transaction until you're absolutely certain the previous one was canceled and your money refunded. These guys have no soul.

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Rating: Name: personalme

Xoom is a good, and economic medium for transferring online funds. Its rates are almost half than that of Western Union, and they do the transfer quickly. The process is simple. User have to register, and after that, to send funds, he has to do some regular formalities, providing some mandatory information.

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Rating: Name: Yardie

I was very pleased with the service, my family received the money right away, and on top of this is very inexpensive I recomend this xoom service

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Rating: Name: brxxt

Best online money transfer service I've ever used. I needed to send money to a friend who was traveling in Europe.I've used other services before and encountered some "issues". With Xoom i had no problems. I highly recommend giving them a try.

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Rating: Name: igmak

xoom is convenient since you don't have to drive to send money but i would rather drive 30 minutes to a moneygram center and be assured that my loved ones would receive the money they badly need in 10 minutes.

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Rating: Name: ephisi

heir service charge is lesser compared to other online money transfer services. Would I use Xoom again? Probably. But maybe not when I am sending money to China.

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