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BankTree Personal Reviews

( Average rating:3.5714285714286)
Rating: Name: pat

I am a former user of MS Money & on two ocassions could not recover my backup files, so decided that was enough with MS. I am now using banktree & have found it easy & straitforward to use. I must say that so far , I am pleased with my purchase.

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Rating: Name: steuart

I tried the free trial but found the program not entering what I wanted so, thinking it was because the trial vefrsion didn't provide all facilities I (foolishly) bought a copy. Then I found the same problem as before. Complained and was told so compl;icated procedure but decided to abandon it and ask for a refund. No refund available and I'm annoyed. I don't recommend this program, especially if you're already good at money management.

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Rating: Name: lizbar

Banktree is an awful program. Entering information is a horrendous process, there is no smart entry such as you get with Quicken. When I realised it was also deleting entries, I asked for a refund and described the problem. The support team simply replied that they didn't find any problem so no refund. I politely explained that just because they didn't have a problem didn't address the issues I have having and asked again for a refund. This time they said, oh yes, they had found a problem, here is a patch, no chance of a refund.

I will stick to my 12 year old Quicken program which is better written, easier and quicker to use and at least I can rely on it to keep entries I make.

My advice is to avoid this product. I sincerely regret spending £26, which turns out to be plus VAT bringing it up to nearer £30.

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Rating: Name: manize

Good Points Quick to pickup, easy to use and does what I want. Bad Points There could be more reports. As a long time Quicken user after they stopped supporting Vista. I looked at other software, after a long time I found BankTree Personal Finance. I was pleased with the results. Very good support, (email and telephone).

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Rating: Name: matrixebiz

Easy to use mostly. Scheduled transactions a real pain. Reconcile against bank long winded.I wanted a nofrills finance package, having used MS Money, then Quicken and then Money again. I found Money was overburdened with far too many 'features'. This package is much simpler, but the automation and reconciliation is pretty longwinded.

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