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Microsoft Money Reviews

( Average rating:2.8)
Rating: Not rated Name: Keiwan

Cheers pal. I do appreciate the wrtiing.

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Rating: Name: jtwoodfield

I have used MS Money for years and the only real cause for annoyance is that MS is no longer either supporting or updating it. Since 2005. The program is brilliantly capable.

Those that have written about not getting it to run need to read about the patch needed. This was automatic whilst MS supported the software. You now need to do your own modification. Look at the web articles about the issue.

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Rating: Not rated Name: Alfa159

Clean and organized layout. Very easy to get started and easy to navigate. Integrates online accounts, giving you access to all your finances in one place. Exports information to tax software and to Microsoft Excel. Presents spending and debt reports beautifully. No debt reduction calculator. A budgeting software should have a calculator to help you figure out how long it will take to get out of debt.Cannot add notes to budgets.

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Rating: Name: harigp

Pros: Nothing it doesn't work Cons: Everything it doesn't work. I downloaded and installed an evaluation copy from Microsoft of Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe. The platform was a fully patched Vista system that is otherwise running flawlessly. After following the installation instructions, I started the program. It crashed. I tried it again. It crashed. Every time I started it, it crashed.

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Rating: Name: Jhig

Two years of trying to update my bank's account statements only to be screwed with a ( update not complete ) message. Now that I've got it to update, the transactions are not being displayed. The balances are finally updating, but not the reg. This software is unreliable, constant problems, unreliable account updating, Duplicate accounts, etc.. etc... etc.....

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Rating: Name: bullrock

Extremely intuitive, useful graphs, updates most of my accounts automatically, customization of registry is nice. Requires Windows Live ID, no forecasting feature (at least I haven't found it yet), budget tools too limited. As a first time user of financial management software, this tool works pretty decently.

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Rating: Name: henrycarol

Microsoft Money is a very convenient computer program that will help you to manage your finances. You use it to keep track of our checkbook, mortgage, bills and other things like that, including investments. The program allows to see your cashflow and expenses; if you wish, it can presenting the info in easy to understand charts I like that feature. Also, with Microsoft Money you can pay your bills online.

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Rating: Name: jharteam

I have had Microsoft Money on my PC since 1999. It is the best and most reliable piece of software I have installed. It has no bangs and whistles but as long as you tell it everything by way of accounts and spending, warts and all, it will help you to reduce your debt by watching all of your credit card debt and loans together with your outstanding mortgage (if you have one) and the Expert Assistant will pop up with advice if you need it.

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Rating: Name: pipskidnapper

Pros: Easy Set up and Organization of accounts and balances. Perfect for keeping track of the many accounts on This product has honestly raised my sales and gave me peace of mind. Cons: Somewhat difficult to transfer old accounts from previous versions. The layout is different and sometimes gets confusing. Great product for the money and time needed. No big pit falls

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Rating: Name: Tori

Program regularly crashed, it took a lot of work categorising the types of transactions and was ineffective with loan products. Updates downloaded but didn't install. And now it won't work with my Nationwide accounts!

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Rating: Name: peaches

Pros: Good product Cons: Only works for limited time. Don't think of it as buying software. Don't think of it as buying a license to use software. Think of it as a way to support Bill on an annual basis.

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Rating: Name: Jurrasic

Pros: The uninstaller works Cons: the Money software doesn't. It takes one ledger entry to get the "MS Money has stopped working" message, which applies generally to this release. Tried the four "methods" to fix from the MS support site, Vista won't even allow one of the listed methods. Not willing to waste my time troubleshooting it for them.

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