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Moneydance Reviews

( Average rating:3.6111111111111)
Rating: Name: Mr demark

This software is excellent for anyone who wants straightforwared functionality and full control without all the annoying "features" that now plague Money and Quicken. I actually had less trouble importing QIF files into Moneydance than into Quicken.

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Rating: Name: saka

IF you are fairly computersavvy, understand doubleentry accounting, categories, reconciling, configuring software, know the differences among QIF, CSV and QFX files, and you despise Intuit/Quicken for their customerhostile philosophy, then Moneydance will be the best thirty bucks you ever spent. IF you need financial software to hold your hand and look pretty, or you really prefer Online Banking to work 100% of the time (without tweaking & hoping) from within the program, then buy Microsoft Money. Moneydance's online forum is THE BEST and the developers really care about customers' feedback, suggestions, complaints, etc.

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Rating: Name: aediaz1

Well, I have been looking into different money tracking software. While this program has a lot of features, it is missing something EXTREMELY important. There is no Edit menu. Or at least not on my computer (Mac OS X 10.4.3). That means, no Copy, no Paste, and NO UNDO!!!!

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Rating: Name: gammase1

Importing a QIF to Moneydance is horrible. It treats an initial import like a partial account update that needs to be synced with potentially already entered data. This results in, for me, thousands of transactions that I would have to click Record on, and the overwhelming majority of those I'd first have to select New Transaction (No Match) to keep Moneydance from dropping the transaction.

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Rating: Name: SeekingLight

Moneydance is an extremely intuitive, unlike other programs, and is stable, not crashing on me once after months of use. I esp like the graphs and reports one can obtain. Moneydance lets you examine those QIF files and decide if you need to import that data.

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Rating: Name: Verto

Fast and stable, clearly mapped the best money management software The search features are brilliant and speedy, as are the graphic budget displays. Upgrades have been regular and free

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Rating: Name: DireXiv

What appears to be a clean, efficient system is crippled by a lack of documentation. The documentation barely covers what most users could determine through a day of experimentation. Rather than being a "personal finance manager" this software is best described as a "personal bank account manager".

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Rating: Name: MoForce

I was disappointed in how unvisual, frustrating, and counterintuitive this program is. I was replacing Microsoft Money because I'd switched from a PC to a Mac. But compared to Money, Moneydance looks like something from the 1990's or earlier.

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Rating: Name: Sniper

Pros: Inexpensive (shareware); Stable; No popup ads; User's forum; customer support. Cons: Not as slick as M$ Money or Intuit's Quicken; feature set intentionally spare. Sick of buggy bloated software? Dump Quicken; Dump MS Money; BUY THIS.

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Rating: Name: JammerJams

This programs is easy to work with, is pretty easy to learn and is super reliable. To sum up, this is good software. Download the free trial and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed

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Rating: Name: renasdad

Moneydance is a smooth product for those who want to escape the Quicken and Money. The interface is simple and intuitive, and it allows for multicurrency transactions. Unfortunately for those of us who have and want to preserve financial records, investments, brokerage accounts, going back over several years, Moneydance cannot at present smoothly take over .qif files.

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Rating: Name: enoc2g

Pros: Portable and reliable data structure. Printing checks is doable. Search function is direct and fast. Cons: Only remembers the last transaction for a given payee. Crossplatform capability is not 100%. While it lacks some of the features of Quicken, I have found Moneydance to be far more reliable. It accomplishes nearly everything you would expect in a checkbook program.

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Rating: Name: psiholog

Moneydance requires you to right click and find some obscure tech command called batch changes, and then further select the type of change you desirecategory. Then a separate window pops up, but all you see are two opposing scroll arrows which you have to press and then choose the category from a long list. Another problem: Moneydance could not properly assign a translated data file from the bank to the proper credit card account.

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Rating: Name: Flem26

I really like this product very much. I found it fairly simple to set up (as simple as I would hoped it would be, anyway) and easy to use. Another benefit is their chat forums where you can leave questions or, as i have done, search for earlier questions about the same issues. It's a great resource and provides access to the company itself and the programmers seem to be the ones monitoring some of the forums.

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Rating: Name: Micro-MiniMe

Multiple currency support, cross platform capability, customizable homepage, import banking data, synchronize investment data, no "retiring" of online transaction capability, no ads, extendable features. Reporting and graphing features not robust. User interface feels unfinished. Only USA investment options.Overall I rate Moneydance four squawks out of five. The application is not stunning to stare at, but does exactly as required.

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Rating: Name: akukaya

MoneyDance seems to have gone by the wayside. No support, no website, nothing. So waste of damn money. Don't get it if you're looking for support.

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Rating: Name: Verto

Now that I am all set up with Moneydance I love it. It is much simpler and much less buggy (have yet to find a bug) than Quicken. Definitely the best home finance package for Mac.

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Rating: Name: Shilva

Pros: No ads or "sunsetting." Extendable. Runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux. Fast! Cons: Interface takes getting used to, not pretty, some deficiencies in keyboard support. I'd recommend Moneydance for its speed, crossplatform support, and lack of ads and other annoyances.

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