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Quicken Reviews

( Average rating:2.5833333333333)
Rating: Not rated Name: jules

in the UK, they stopped at quicken 2004, which I bought together with 2002. Neither of them were anything compared with quicken 2000.

I'm amazed that they followed the trend that required it's software to change and update when they clearly weren't able to improve its functionality - they just had to make things more complicated for no reason. I still use q. 2000!

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Rating: Name: lizbar

Still using the 2000 version and it does all I need. Just wish they would continue support for UK banks, then I'd be a very happy bunny.

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Rating: SCAM Name: Jay

I've been using Quicken since the old DOS days. For most part it is getting worst with every new update. Important features have been dropped, my investment accounts are a big mess as I can never match the balance on my statement and recently quicken it telling me that I've about 20,000.00 more than I really have in my investments and every time I try to enter a new investment transaction it crashes. I'm looking for a replacement for this piece of junk: Moneydance, AceMoney and jGnash are the ones I"m testing at this very moment.

Enough is enough!

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Rating: Name: baz

Pros: It's prettier than its predecessor. Cons: This is primarily a cosmetic upgrade with few, if any, substantive new features. Quicken seems to have fallen back to just going through the motions, knowing that it's expected to produce an annual product upgrade but not really spending a lot of time & effort doing it.

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Rating: Name: allserene

Pros: Enhanced online banking capability Cons: Document imaging was not working, & their tech support was no help. The 2007 version promised major enhancements to this capability, which is why I purchased the new version as soon as it was released.

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Rating: Name: Scrat

I would not recommend this upgrade to anybody that downloads transactions from their financial institutions. There appears to be a major bug (well documented in the Quicken user forums) which prevents downloaded transactions from matching entries currently in your registries.

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Rating: Name: Bobcat2

Pros: Runs on Vista Cons: important features dropped. Q2008 DROPPED P&L and cash flow making the program undiserable for church (or small business ) use.

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Rating: Name: Zoran

Pros: Only took 10 minutes to install including all the junk icons. Cons: Forced Schemes / Limited user control. Had an older version 05 wanted to update to a current model. However, it is a piece of garbage. They 'Intuit' assume how you want it setup, discard your previous chosen presentation and force God Awful color schemes on the user.

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Rating: Name: caireono

I installed this and imported my bank transactions in minutes. It could not have been easier. A lot more options than 2008 with pretty much the same interface. A lot more feedback and useful info which really helps if you have a tight budget and want to know where you money goes.

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Rating: Name: lexazver

Pros: Installs easily. Converts prior files accurately. Same comfortable interface. Cons: Silly changes. Quicken is easily the best on the market and 2008 Deluxe carries on that tradition. However, why a major new version every year? Is it just the money? Why force long time users to upgrade to Deluxe when the basic version will satisfy many users' needs? Converting "Class" to "Tag" is just confusing. Especially, when it's touted as a major enhancement.

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Rating: Name: MuddBuddha

Pros: Getting There Cons: Still Needs Work. If you're running an earlier version of Quicken save you money and give them another year or so to get this product up to snuff or at least buy yourself a new widescreen monitor.

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Rating: Name: nomoretoxic

I would give it four out of five stars. It IS a complex program in the sense that there is a lot to learn about (though not really a lot to learn about if you only want to keep a check register and a cash account, or even just a check register). The complexity is perhaps the biggest negative I can muster about it but I am very comfortable with Quicken having used it for years

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Rating: Name: akirax

Quicken has now gotten way to complex and hard to navigate. Can't figure out how to have it automatically update transactions for the house payment. Busy screens. Not very well thought out.

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