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All Tax software reviews. See below for CompleteTax reviews.


CompleteTax Reviews

( Average rating:2.75)
Rating: Name: MoneyMa$ter

Complete Tax helped me get through all the tough parts of a tax return. Excellent guidance and easy to use direction! Thanks Complete Tax!

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Rating: Name: lohad

I am quite satisfied with Complete Tax because this is about the only product that still supports Win98 OS. It is done online but you can log off anytime. When you log on again, you start where you left off.

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Rating: Name: waf_1988

Nothing on the outside of their packaging indicates their software will not handle multistate or nonresident returns. After installing their software and entering most of my information, I got a dialogue box informing me of this fact. I couldn't return the software because the package had been opened and Cosmi, the manufacturer, has been completely unresponsive to my request for a refund.

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Rating: Name: kenmania

When you buy this product you are not buying tax preparation software. It is only a onetime use internet connection to prepare one federal return and one state.

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Rating: Not rated Name: MPP

I've been using "" for years10 bucks for federal and state. Works like a charm. I have nothing more complicated than a couple dividend and stock forms so I don't know how they handle more complicated stuff, but for my purposes it's a huge timesaver.

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