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All Tax software reviews. See below for TaxACT reviews.


TaxACT Reviews

( Average rating:3.6470588235294)
Rating: Name: Peter Erdman

Have used all the various tax software packages, admittedly, my returns are now simpler, but my experience that this was the best yet..

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Rating: Name: vorschlag

They are evidently having some issues regarding retrieving your online information. I entered in a sale of my investment property, and when I went to fine tune the expenses of it, I could not review or edit any information. Customer keeps telling me to do the same thing over and over again, neglecting to note that I have already those steps precisely as they outlined. Probably okay for simple returns, but if you ahve a rental or investment income, you get what you pay for.

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Rating: Name: spieler

Truth in advertising. It is free to use, efile and print. In process ads for upgraded (paid) version are not excessive.

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Rating: Name: johntsai

I first switched to TaxAct after using HR Block's software a few years ago, and found it much easier to use, with a simpler overview. It's also easier to get to individual entries made at some point during the filing so I can go back and correct or add things.

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Rating: Name: Que

Pros: Good help files, link to Lasser's Your Income Tax (Deluxe only), quick customer support, inexpensive Cons: navigation difficulties, lack of overrides, incorrect state calculations, possible formatting errors on printed returns. Too many errors to recommend. If you have already calculated your taxes by hand or by another program, and the results match, I'd probably trust it for Efiling.

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Rating: Name: superdezign

Pros: A very comprehensive interview process. As easy to use as Turbo Tax but less expensive Cons: Format is different from other available programs and require a slight adjustment. RECOMMENDED: Yes

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Rating: Name: nitman

Pros: Simple, quick, and free federal Cons: State cost money, advertisements, load time. Weather you take advantage of the free services or pay the extra money for added convenience, its worth a visit.

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Rating: Name: GirlFlyer

Pros: Cheap Free version available that includes federal efile Yielded same value as TaxCut Cons: Bad interface No audit support Not be advanced enough Need deluxe for decent documentation. Spend $5 more and get TaxCut.

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Rating: Name: acumen

Pros: Cheap, Effective, Fast Email support Cons: No stock importing. Help information for errors sometimes lacking. Try it if your return is not too complex.

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Rating: Name: Galation

I have use TaxAct for the last three years and find it extremely easier and uncomplicated than those I used previously; even when I miss something, TaxAct will stipulate options.

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Rating: Name: sycho

I have used Tax act for several years now. I have tried the online version but prefer the download deluxe version. I can prepare my tax returns and my children's returns, along with a schedule c and rental ones for others I know. The interface is great between the fed and state, very seamless. In my opinion one of the best

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Rating: Name: pipmac

TaxAct did not handle a state return very well. I had to use a nonresident state return since I moved to another state last year.

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Rating: Name: Verto

Pros: Quickly and painlessly files my taxes Cons: Ads if you use the free service. If you are looking for a way to efile your taxes, this site is a great way to go.

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Rating: Name: Infinity

Pros: it did all the math for me! Cons: I wish I'd known it would do all the math, before doing it myself. All in all, I was surprised at how easy this was! I just wish I had known sooner that would do all the math for you!! I wasted those two hours doing the taxes by hand. But hey, as it turns out I did them right, because my numbers were the same as TaxActOnline's! I will definitely be using this site next year!

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Rating: Name: guess121

In the TAXACT website it claims "Get your refund in as little as 8 days". Not true! You should plan on up to 3 weeks!!

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Rating: Name: Pavatar

Pros: Free to fill out Federal taxes and efile online (if you qualify) Cons: State filing extra, State property tax refund filing extra, Time it takes to fill out. If you have time to wade through endless questions and don't really want to think about the "why" behind the questions, TaxAct online is for you.

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