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All Tax software reviews. See below for TaxCut reviews.


TaxCut Reviews

( Average rating:3.1)
Rating: Not rated Name: Lidia

More posts of this quaitly. Not the usual c***, please

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Rating: Name: renasdad

I have used TaxCut from H&R Block for at least four years and I love it. It imports the previous year's information flawlessly each time which really gives you a head start. With the Deluxe package you also get everything you need to properly do your taxes for a selfemployed business. I also like the way TaxCut has all the help you need available, but also has an easy way to bypass the prompts and questions in section where you don't need it.

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Rating: Name: toyboy tramp

Pros: Attractive price Cons: Doesn't import Quicken and TurboTax cleanly.

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Rating: Name: karmostaji

Pros: Easy to use interface. Cons: Incomplete interview process, unable to input tax credit that is a basic part of the 1040. You may not get all the $$ owed to you.Do not trust this product, it is incomplete.

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Rating: Name: auxesis

Advantages: Quick, easy Disadvantages: None. This software is very easy to use. If you don't know what you are doing, don't worry. This software guides you through the entire process.

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Rating: Name: Clouds

Pros: Easy to use Cons: No Customer Support. tried to get a refund for the state portion but I couldn't get through on the phone and my emails were never answered.

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Rating: Name: johnbaem

Pros: Mac version available, Better support than Intuit Cons: Product not ready. Progam doesn't display print dialog when printing record copy of tax returns, defaults to the filing copy settings.

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Rating: Name: rustyjeff

Advantages: works fast Disadvantages: have to pay. It was very accurate and complete.

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Rating: Name: Jerry

Pros: It was cheap Cons: You get what you pay for. I've used this program for 10 years and its usefulness has steadily declined.

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Rating: Name: isto

TaxCut offers individuals a powerful option for preparing an income tax return that is relatively easy to use. This software is significantly cheaper than paying a service to prepare it and much easier than doing in manually.

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Rating: Name: wwwin

I'm very pleased with the software. It is full featured and yet easier to use than TurboTax. It has all the functionality I need (1040 plus schedules A thru E, with two schedule C's and all the supporting schedules), so they don't force you into a more expensive package.

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